Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas in Washington, DC

With family in town for Christmas activities, we did a little sightseeing in DC and stopped at the National Christmas tree:

This is last year's tree:

I have memories of seeing this tree almost every year, and it seems to be getting smaller and smaller!
When I was little and when I took my kids when they were little, there were REAL reindeer, a burning yule log, hot cocoa, Santa, and of course the 50 trees decorated by state.  This year there was only Santa's workshop that was darling, and when you got your picture taken with Santa they gave you a free digital download card with a code on it... times are changing! but it was free, imagine that!

It's pretty cool that we live near the White House and get to go into DC anytime we want. It took a trip to Europe for me to take my blinders off and appreciate DC more. It has so much to offer and is so beautiful.

I have toured the White House during Christmas before and it is jaw dropping gorgeous. They have 54 decorated trees this year.  Here are some of the White House 2012 decorations:

Each year the  White House chefs make a gingerbread house. This years is 300 lbs!

Their pooch "BO" is featured in alot of the seasonal decor.

The tree in the Blue Room:

Happy Holidays to all of our blog friends. Savor the journey!

Nancy and Bethany


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  1. I went to a staff Xmas party at the WH when I was a kid and it was so gorgeous. Back then we were allowed to get a lot closer to things and there were just a few velvet ropes.

  2. What a treat to see the White House decorated, Nancy - thank you. And I think you are so right about beautiful architecture being right under our noses in the states. Perhaps because our country is relatively young compared to the European cities we love to visit, we don't think of it.
    Merr Christmas to you and yours!

  3. The ombre ornament tree is just stunning! What a fun thing to do with your kids and out of town guests, despite the changes and simplification of things, these are memories all of you will hold dear and to me, just what the holidays are made of! Enjoy!

  4. So many pretty images! I adore the color blocked tree!

  5. What beautiful trees, especially the color blocked one! Thanks for sharing and I'm glad you get to enjoy such a wonderful city. Merry Christmas ladies! :)

  6. Love the color blocked tree! Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas to you both!

  7. Can you imagine making that gingerbread house?
    The trees are amazing. I am glad that you are able to visit.
    Happy Thursday.

  8. what a fun look at the wh christmas! I really like the swirled solid color ornaments on the tree near the abe bust. donna

  9. Hi, Nancy and Bethany -
    Merry Christmas!! I hope you are well, and all ready for Christmas. I still have a gazillion things to do. Basement nearly done: sectional arrived, built-in and TV installed, coffee table here, rugs & runners done, staircase railing, painting. All ready for house guests. Now we need to enclose the porch, get heaters, food stuff....whew!
    talk soon,

  10. I love all of this. Each year, I watch the "decorating the white house" special that they run. I have often wanted to be one of the volunteers for this.

  11. So pretty. I love the simplicity of the wreaths. Beautiful images of the WH fully dressed for the holidays.

  12. Love the way the entire apartments has been designed and decorated. Apartments in Chelsea NYC

  13. How fun to see your WH post. Happy holidays!

  14. What a neat thing to do around the holidays! I just watched the White House Christmas special last night and I would LOVE to get to see it in person! But these photos will hold me over till I can- what a wonderful visit!

  15. WOW!!! what a fun outing to go see all that! one of these days i want to take my kids to see the white house at christmas- we are only an hour or so away. i need to- it looks magical!


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