Saturday, November 24, 2012

Trina Turk

I know I'm not alone with my pillow obsession. It is like musical chairs  pillows around here, and between Bethany's house and mine we trade off before we move on.  Here is one I loved for so long but can no longer use. (See our tag sale if you'd like to have it!)

This pillow prompted me to look into more Trina Turk.  Her California style is bold and graphic and shows her love for modernist 60's and 70's style. Maybe that's why I relate having grown up in the 70's.  She lives between 2 restored Mid-Century homes in Los Angeles and Palm Springs; my kind of dream living!

I can see this pillow styled with this fabulous lighting (actually I can see this sunroom in my home):

Here it is with Trina Turk bedding:

Imagine it with her lovely rug:

and her graphic shower curtain ( Wouldn't this be the cutest little girls room and bath?)

Possibly with a Laurel Dawn art piece nearby:

or with a little Britt Bass

Here are some Trina Turk fashions:

(I think I wore this exact outfit in college:)

There is a Mr. Turk line too. "Real men aren't afraid of color", she says:

We still relishing in the family gatherings over Thanksgiving, and taking advantage of my son being home by making him put Christmas lights on the roof! Enjoy your  weekend.


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  1. I love Trina Turk, but because her items are often expensive, I don't have any of her stuff yet. Your pillow is beautiful especially once spring/summer arrives, I hope it finds a new home soon. Glad you have your lights set-up and that you were complete for thanksgiving!

  2. I do love Trina Turk. Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  3. I am in love with all of the color in the art pieces you picked out today! Reminds me of the beautiful summer in the middle of a dreary Ohio winter!

  4. Nancy-
    This is great. I love every single thing here! I could have so much fun with the florals.
    And I really am not looking forward to learning the whole Creative Suite, but I had to order the book to help. There will be so much more I can do after I learn it. I am learning calligraphy at the same time, lol.
    Happy Saturday.

  5. i LOVE LOVE LOVE Trina Turk! and that Laurel Dawn print is right up my alley! love the colors! hope you had a great turkey day!

  6. Love Trina Turk's bright colors in design and fashion. So fun!

  7. HI NANCY! HEY, these colors are fabulous and those square orange lanterns are SUPER FUN! I am a French décor lover myself, but you know, I noticed that FRENCH MODERN uses a lot of these bold colors and angular shapes. LOVE IT!

    Thank you so much for your visit tonight and kind words! Have fun preparing for the holidays! Anita

  8. Very informative post and i got useful points here, well thanks and keep sharing.


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