Monday, November 12, 2012

Dream Spaces Series: Emily A. Clark's in the house

Our guest today is the sweet and wonderful Emily from one of our favorite blogs, Emily A. Clark. She is a mother of 5 and a blogger/designer extraordinaire.  Her inspiration led Bethany and I to be bloggers and we love her style!  Here's Emily!

When Nancy asked if I would blog about my dream space, I thought what a perfect excuse to spend a loooong time browsing Pinterest.  If I could live anywhere else, I would choose somewhere near the beach.  (Oh, and there would be no nasty hurricanes. . .)  I would live in a sweet little bungalow, not too big and not too small, with lots of character:

Can I have this beachhouse?
Better Homes & Gardens

It would be casual, collected, and come with a really good housekeeper.

Want to come inside?  Here’s what the rest of my dream house would look like:

Suzie: Tracery Interiors - Beachy condo with vaulted ceiling, pale gray walls paint color, ...
The living room (via Tracery Interiors)

The kitchen (via Margot Austin)

 Master Bathroom
The master bath (via BH&G)
I’m certain there’s a clawfoot tub on the other side of the room….

white beach bedroom 
The master bedroom (via Soli Terry Architects)

Wind-beaten #patio #widowswalk #beachhouse
And, of course there would be a secluded patio for relaxing with friends.

Thanks to Nancy and Bethany for letting me daydream.  If you want to check out what my reality looks like, visit my blog, Emily A. Clark: design.simplified.

Thanks so much Emily! I don't know how you do it everyday, but we love your candidness, your fabulous good taste and how you 'keep it real' in all your posts!

xo Nancy and Bethany

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  1. Yes please, I'll take one of those too! Dreamy. Especially the housekeeper part!

  2. Love the secluded patio! Love your new series!

  3. Love all the selections from Emily Clark. Full of charm and style, but liveable. I, too, would not want a huge house. That's why we only have 3 bedrooms.....and one is in our basement.

  4. I love the idea of a beach bungalow, and this one is perfect. That bedroom is the one in my dreams!

  5. Love her idea of a perfect house.....I was sold the minute I read it had a housekeeper!

  6. Beautiful post! I lvoe the casters on teh table, and think I may need to do that!
    Thank you.
    Happy Monday.

  7. I need that patio. What a perfect dream house.

  8. Love her idea of a perfect dream house

  9. ummm can I just borrow your dream? This would be my exact ideal dream home as well! Just gorgeous!

    Have a great week, doll!

    Holly Foxen Wells

  10. Perfection - especially on the dreary day we're having here!

  11. Thank you all for having me. Was lots of fun :)

  12. Oh, that patio is the BEST ~ the perfect beachy abode!

  13. Love the entire look. Wish I could be there right now with 80 degree weather. - Brandy

  14. Boy...that sure would be a dream house :) Count me in!

  15. how fun is this! Love this post and idea for a series!!!


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