Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thankful Thursday

I'd like to ask you to take a moment to vote for my bedroom on Apartment Therapy's Color Contest.  I'm so thankful to be chosen as a contestant and I would be extra extra grateful this Thursday if you would cast your vote to help me win.  

My little starlet, Wilma Applesauce, during our photoshoot.

I've never had anything published (probably doesn't help that we've been so bad at photographing our work thus far!) and this is a step in the right direction.  Even though it's just a reader-driven contest, it's quite surreal seeing my work on AT and every decorator dreams of showing up in a publication one day - I'm no different.  Thanks to everyone who has already voted and in advance to those of you who vote for my room after this.

On to the mushy stuff.  We decided not to do a Thankful Thursday post every consecutive Thursday because, well, it could end up being contrived.  I really want to give thanks when I mean it and when there are blessings to acknowledge.  Not to humble brag or to seem like I'm reaching.

Last night, however, I found my inspiration for this post.  

I was picking up some soup at Panera for my hubby who just had some cavities filled and was met at my car door by a small man with luggage in tow.  His face was as dear as they come and not an ounce of ill-intention projected from him and somehow I knew he was about to ask me for my kindness.  He was on his way to the bus station and trying to raise the fare and by the looks of him, he had obviously been living on the streets for some time now.  

Pause.  I know many people out there don't believe in giving money to beggars, or helping the homeless people on the sides of the road begging for change because they can't control what they do with the money.  I've heard arguments that they just spend it on food or drugs or alcohol.  But I believe that if a person has to ask a complete stranger to spare some change and swallow any semblance of pride they may have in doing so, they're clearly going through something much harder than I know anything about.  I don't have deep pockets, but I know when someone needs help and I will always spare whatever I can for them.

I gave him the couple of dollars change that I had, feeling bad that I didn't have more to give.  I asked if I could buy him a hot meal at Panera, and he told me another lady already did about an hour ago.  He was so deeply thankful for her kindness and in turn, my own, and that really touched me. I wish I could have given him more.  

Today, I'm thankful for a full belly, heat in my home, and a soft spot to lay my head.  However annoying I think it is to fall asleep to the bulldog and the husband sawing logs or how bad my torn rotator cuff hurts, at least I have food and shelter.  I am very lucky.  Lucky to have those things and to be able to get to embellish, decorate, tweak and nest in that very house that provides basic shelter and warmth.  

I hope you, too, help someone less fortunate whenever possible.  Good deeds always come back around.  And if you are on the needing end, I hope someone pays you some kindness. It strengthens your humanity and nurtures that primal instinct to care for others in a way other things can't even begin to scratch the surface of.  

Thank you for tuning in and sticking with me through a post without pretty pictures.  Without you all, I wouldn't have half as much to be thankful for.


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  1. Good girl! We all need to be reminded sometimes that its OK to have a house that is not magazine ready and we are blessed to have one at all.

  2. I loved reading this post today! I feel the same way about giving money on the street when asked! I am going to vote for you now..good luck!

  3. OK! You've got my vote - it took two tries for me to set up an AT account and get it 'verified,' but I'll be ready next time - and there should be a next time because your room is the best of all the submissions! Keep at it, Bethany!
    And, yes, this is the time of year to remember how blessed we are, no matter our personal struggles, because there is always someone with a heavier load. You are a sweetheart.

  4. Headed over to vote for you!!
    This is such a touching story. I really don't know how anyone can turn their back on the homeless unless they are in the same situation. I sometimes think God sends these people our way to see how we react and respond. I love what you did.
    Happy Thursday.

  5. Stopping back to let you know that I couldn't vote or leave a comment. I will try later.

  6. You are a gem, Bethany! What do mean a post without a pretty picture?? :)

  7. That Wilma just toots my horn and you are a doll baby!

  8. Amen Bethany - you and and I are truly blessed.. God bless you always... And oh, I tried voting again, but it won't let me ?!


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