Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pillow Talk

It really is all in the details, isn't it?  Since I added the lamp to my office, I decided to make some pillows to continue the office zhushing (was that even a word before blogging? We did a post on that awhile back.) If you've never made a pillow before, there are easy ways and complicated ways to sew a pillow.  I took the easy way this time.  Since I'm currently obsessed with monograms, I decided to try a QUICK and EASY monogram on my office pillows.

I went here for a free printable monogram, and after a little techno lapse, I finally got one printed out to use.  I spent hours looking up 'transfering an image to fabric', and couldn't find any "transfer" media around the house late Saturday night so I just used a soft graphite pencil and covered the reverse side of the paper .

Since I wanted my monogram in the middle of a circle, I used sophisticated techniques to make a circle.
Then I traced over the monogram on the front side of the paper leaving a faint pencil line on the fabric. So easy.

Then I took an orange fabric marker and started filling in the lines.  BUT the marker bled, and I had to go to the store and get an orange Sharpie PLUS a Sharpie fabric marker...I was going to be prepared, since these things usually happen late at night.

I was pleased with the design, although I would have loved to have it embroidered- I am not the most patient person so I proceeded....

I cut out another matching piece and sewed the 4 edges leaving a 6" opening at the bottom.  A very important step is to iron open all the seams before turning it rightside out.  Honestly, sewing 4 straight lines is all you have to do.

I crammed the pillow form into the case and hand stitched it closed.

I made a second one with my husbands initials, and thus made those plain white chairs in my office a little more interesting.

We're all sort of shut-in and closed-down due to Hurricane Sandy, but we are not getting the brunt of it. God bless you all who are suffering through this storm. Keep us posted!
I'm off to see what other DIY I can get into during the storm.


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  1. Great job Nancy! I did something similar with the shams in the bedroom. And you've explained the pillow layout so well, I think I'm ready to attempt to sew one! Glad you all are safe!!

  2. Great pillows Nancy! Glad to here you're safe, dry and with power!

  3. So pretty! Hope you have kept all of your trees and sanity while being cooped up. We obviously still have power and never lost it.

  4. The perfect accent for your chairs! I just came across a swatch of that same fabric in coral that I'm thinking of using in my bedroom, and I think it would look pretty nifty with it's own monogram. Glad you're safe!

  5. So happy to hear you are safe. I love your pillows. You are adept at coloring between the lines. You have more patience than I do. A job well done!

  6. Monograms...my favorite, and on the zebra print...perfect diy zhushing!! Glad to hear you're ok, I keep thinking about your place at the beach??

    1. We don't know yet about the beach house, but when they let the people back in we are going to go check...scary! Thanks for the prayers..and keep them coming for the people up north!

  7. love it! never knew sharpie carried fabric pens!!!!! Thanks for the tutorial, now I want to do some pillowcases!

  8. Thanks for walking us thru another cool project, Nancy :) Your office is so organized. We made it through okay. Wasn't Sandy awful? We slept in the basement for the last two nights. Too many big and old trees in Washington, DC. So glad you all are fine.

  9. Lovely and Impressive! Love a great monogram!

  10. They really do add just the perfect touch to those white chairs! Super cute and what a great project. It would never occur to me to use a fabric pen. How smart is that? How smart are you? :)

  11. Looks great! Very impressed.


  12. Dang if you don't have some patience you crafty girl! They look great......glad you were safe during Sandy.

  13. These turned out so cute! Thanks for the tutorial! I will have to try this.


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