Friday, October 5, 2012

I have a thing for

Opaline glass.  

I've been obsessed for years, collecting little pieces of it here and there.  My high ball glasses, a cake platter, even a Waterford lamp in my bedroom.

But nothing so grande as these dames.  I would love to have one one day.  Or hit the lottery.  Well, in reverse order I suppose.  I just go GA GA for it!  I think it comes from the little kid in me who still loves sequins, pearlescent and iridescent things and wishes to trade her birthstone for an opal!

All from 1st Dibs, except for the third, which is ABC Home.

I die.


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Nancy and Bethany


  1. I love it, too. I have seen some gorgeous opaline boxes in coffee table styling. That is what I'd like to start my collection with!

  2. white murano is spectular.
    i had a beautiful chandelier but sold it to a client.


  3. I think I need those sconces right now!!

  4. I do have to say I love a little glam as well!! These are beautiful! xo

  5. Now you have me wanting one, too! So beautiful!

  6. gorgeous - my mom love jewelry version of these but I am liking these versions better. Happy weekend!

  7. Those sconces are killing me.....dying!

  8. And, if you did win the lottery you could gift us all with our favorite! :)


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