Friday, October 26, 2012

Friday Finds

Remember our post about Nate Berkus designing for Target with the launch date of October 21st?  I feel sorely let down. I have been to Target 3x this week to see if anything was there (I know, Im sick) and not one Nate item was on the shelf.  Today I went to another T across town and this is their entire display...ONE END CAP- that's it.  Target, I'm disappointed.

 Oh well, I did have a great day otherwise with a few finds around town.

I found this chair at the Habitat Restore for $15.00!!! yikes, that is a steal. I thought he said $50 bucks and I still would have bought it. It came with a white cushion which I will reupholster.  I want to paint the chair in a faux tortoise shell look.  Has anyone ever done that technique? I'm game!

The other lovely find was a solid crystal lamp at Marshalls for under $40.00. I bought one a few years ago for 3 times that, and it is on loan at Bethany's house. Now we will both have this beauty. I'm continuing to tweak my office decor where I put my overDIY'd rug, and Im just about there.

I love looking at Horchow online since they do have lovely things, but I feel they are overpriced. I did get this mirror for my foyer that I have been coveting on a 30% off the sale price a week ago.  They do have good sales and special days where additional discounts are given on top of that.
Here is the Wilshire mirror that I got for $100 off!!!! and free shipping (it's huge).

Here it is a similar mirror in a bathroom I love:

and here it is in my foyer:

I hope you're having a good week.  Have fun with the process of designing your home, and if you need any help, let us know!


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  1. I love the mirror. I think it looks better in your house than on Horchow's site. My Target only had one end cap too.

  2. I didn't even go to Target. I love your chair and mirror. That ginger jar is really fab, too.

  3. I didn't go to Target either, sometimes items lose their appeal if I think everyone is going to have it, but your chair and mirror I'd take in a heartbeat! :)

  4. Love the MIRROR!!! Looks fabulous on your wall!! Target ... I haven't been in a while ... I may stop by and see if Nate has anything bigger to offer here!!

  5. Lol. went to Target on Sunday and was surprised too that his items were only on the end caps. Thought for sure he would be given an entire aisle to display some goodies. Not to be. Loving that mirror and lamp lady. Happy weekend to you both!

  6. I like the mirror. As for Nate, have you tried online? I don't know if they have more but it might be worth a look!
    All best,

  7. Well, my target had 2 end caps and I ended up getting the book and the tortoise shell in white. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep the shell though.
    Great finds!

  8. That chair was an amazing find! I haven't headed to Target but that is a major fail for them in terms of rollout. The mirror looks wonderful in your foyer.

  9. Love the chair! That was a steal and I love your mirror. Boy, you did good this week! I wish I was that lucky. I'm trying to finish up my dinning room, but cant find the art work for it.

  10. Great chair!! Can't wait to see the faux tortoise shell technique (which I'm sure I would fail miserably at haha).

  11. I'll have you to know that I drove 90 miles one way for Nate and that Target had NADA! BUT, my story ended happily as yours did..I found an entire set (16 pieces) of copper pots for $18 at my new favorite junk store!

  12. I LOVE mirrors and this one goes right to the top!

  13. Great finds, Nancy! I'll check the Target near us....the one in Wheaton....will report back. Love your crystal lamp. And I look forward to seeing your office.

  14. same here Nancy! Went to my local TARGET 3x since the launch and still, by Wed. it was not available!!!!! Aggggghh! Thank goodness the lamps, which were initially out of stock became available yesterday so I just got it online. But like you, disappointed.

    Anyhow, love, love that mirror and your foyer more!I have smaller version of same-looking mirror too, plan to put in the master. have a great weekend!

  15. Love the Mirror and I can't wait to see the tortoiseshell effect on the chair Nancy.


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