Thursday, September 6, 2012

nursery rhymes

I've been dying to do a nursery.  Dying, people.  I want so badly to design one.  I LOVE all the ones floating around out there making big waves, and what I love most is when they don't look like a nursery at all!

Did you happen to see Ivanka Trump's nursery in Elle Decor?  Amaze.

And this Estee Stanley nursery in the latest Lonny?  She's bringin' sexy back in a big way... no wonder Justin Timberlake partnered up with her.

And this bad boy making its way around the interwebs (by LeSueur Interiors) manages to knock me over each time.

Me Oh My is right.  The textures, the gilt, the neutral - oh my!

This nursery I saw on Apartment Therapy is pretty sweet for the Floridian baby.

I've shared this bit of genius with you, already.

And lastly, but not least, the first time ever I saw your face baby room that sparked my nursery designing interest.

And before you're all "ohhhh, you'll get to when decorate a nursery when you have a baby!" let me just say that it's not happening.  

But I do keep my fingers crossed that someone close to me gives me carte blanche on their baby nursery.  

We I need to add a nursery to our portfolio STAT, so seriously, tell your friends.  We might be able to work something out :)


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Nancy and Bethany


  1. How could I even choose a favorite, you've got exquisite taste and they're all gorgeous! Would love to see a Bethany design!

  2. Isn't a nursery the most precious, beautiful room? I love these images, Bethany, and I am with you on the last one.
    Happy Thursday.

  3. there is nothing more fun than decorating a nursery! these are awesome ideas!

  4. Two of those images have been starting points for my kids rooms! I hope mine turn out half as good!!

  5. Oh how I wish I could do it again ... my babies are all grown ... and I had no money when I was decorating for them! So this is where I think the grandchildren thing comes in! Please ... Please ... all my children, let me decorate for my grandbabies!! xoxo

  6. My baby days are done but I would love a more grown-up nursery. Maybe something dark and moody.

  7. These are right up my alley! I've had my eye on that wicker bassinet- its just too perfect!

  8. Oh, the last one is probably how I would do it today.

  9. I like how sophisticated today's nurseries are. They will easily convert to big kids' rooms.
    All best,

  10. Those "nurseries" are fantastic!!!! I hope you get to do one, and soon.

  11. Beautiful! I love that there are so many beautiful elements to those rooms that could be used anywhere in your home. And, they would definitely grow with the child.

  12. I love each one for different reasons...beautiful examples of nurseries that can be adapted as they age.

  13. I love not so nursery nurseries! And love designing them too! They're SO much fun!

  14. All those nurseries are such classic spaces - don't scream "theme" . Fingers crossed someone will oblige and let you design their nursery!

  15. Oh my, this all brings back memories of decorating my son's nursery last year and he's grown so much that it appears he's pretty much over it all!
    Anywho, I digress. I really loved the soft and serene feel of the first, but the kick-booty rocker and gold light fixture in the fourth may make that one my pick. Quite a fab collection of nurseries lady. Maybe you should partner with a local baby store and offer a great rate to an expectant mom? Great publicity for you and will definitely add that nursery to the portfolio as well. p.s. thanks for the great comment over on my blog today. And yes, my feet have recovered but boy were they a throbbing!

  16. I love these nurseries! I have seen many of them before but I am glad to see them again. All beautiful designs!

    I hope you have a great weekend!


  17. Love all of these ideas...I am going to pin a few!


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