Friday, September 21, 2012

In or Out?

I still don't have a plan for a laundry room with guest 1/2 bath attached.  I have always loved stripes and striping a wall is a plan I wanted to implement, but I have to ask now....are they IN or  OUT?

I feel if I wait much longer I won't have to ask.

While stripes in fashion has spanned the decades, I feel it is more timeless than on the walls.

Love this updated look:


I feel like my mother might have worn this.


Are stripes on the wall dated or cool?


Cool still on a ceiling?


More current with an updated color?


Outdated since we've seen this so many times?


My all time favorite movie set room (Something's Gotta Give) grounds the space with stripes. I know I'm not tired of this!


What do you think?


Is it IN if we turn stripes into a geometric pattern? (Another all time fav)


Ralph Lauren uses stripes in moderation here...( this look is so up and coming!)


Is an abundance of stripes more fashionable? or dizzying?



By the end of this post I think I've arrived at the decision to keep the stripes to clothing or at the very least use it with a surprisingly current color or in a surprising way. I'd love your thoughts.

Have a grand Friday friends.


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  1. I always go by the rule that if you love it it doesn't matter if its trendy or not. With that said, I think they look great on the ceiling, or in some sort of graphic pattern. Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Did Elizabeth say the ceiling? Since it's a laundry room...have fun with it. I like the walls or floor.

  3. I love stripes, here are my ideas:
    1) If you do stripes, I vote horizontal, I think vertical can look circus tent in a small space
    2) What if you took a cue from fashion (like in the second photo) and did a wider white stripe with a thinner colored stripe.
    Just some thoughts! I'm sure whatever you do will look great

  4. I have NOT missed reading...just my ipad won't go there sometimes!

    LOVE stripes...never out...never!

    I like the foyer for size and scale. Very bold, but the color is soft! How large is the space you are thinking about? We did thin, blue and white, vertical, stripes in a small bath eons ago, had to have huge, solid dark blue bold towels, hanging all the time, to stop your eyes from going nuts!!!!

  6. I say go for it! Just go for it in colors that you can live with! Maybe a tone on tone horizontal stripe?

  7. I still love them! And, I know with your crazy, creative skills you'll have a fabulous surprise for us!

  8. I'm with Elizabeth. Have a great weekend Nancy!

  9. I think they look great, except for the dizzying picture. On clothing or in a space, however one chooses to use them they are a great way to add to a mix of patterns. I do not follow trends; I think these are timeless.

  10. Hi Nancy -- I much prefer looking down at the stripes, as in the rug, floor and table covering photos. However, I may still be feeling the effects of having vertical stripes on the powder room walls of our last home (I used to let my husband decorate the powder room!) I also think when the stripes are more varied, as in the rug, floor and table covering photos, they are more interesting. The black and white room (with stripes on the walls, floor and ceiling) reminds me of the I Love Lucy episode where they wallpapered over everything, including the windows and doors! I do like the stripes (and handbags!) in photos #1 and 2! Have a lovely weekend!

  11. I love stripes!! Love wearing it! And love upholstering with it. Pinstripes are my favorites. Not sure about using horizontal stripes on walls. I don't care for image #12. Reminds me of a prison cell :(

  12. I think that stripes are pretty classic- like how you pointed out with the clothes, where they've lasted through the ages. That being said, I think that since they definitely had a very VERY heavy moment recently, then the wide, horizontal stripes that everyone did in the last couple years could look a little stale. But I think if you find a way to make your stripes different than those, and maybe in an interesting pattern, then they would look really new and exciting. I think you should go for it! Can't wait to see what you do!

  13. I am a bit biased on this Nancy since I will be painting my boys bathroom in stripes! Yikes! If you see my wardrobe, you'd know I am a STRIPES-LOVER to the tee - literally and figuratively! hahaha! But I respect your opinion, and so true, stripes in decor can be overwhelming and a bit 'blah' at times. I guess since I dont have any stripes in my home yet, I am still excited about my boys bath (if I ever get the chance to paint it so). Have a great weekend!

  14. YES YES YES TO STRIPES. I think vertical stripes are timeless on walls and fabrics...but horizontal are so fun, too!!
    I think everyone loves stripes...really, who doesn't?

  15. I do love stripes...have them in my I am the wrong one to ask....Of course it all depends what color but I know how we can get stuck thinking everyone has them. Not so.


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