Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Client details

We thought you might like to see some details of the yoga studio we designed and installed last weekend.  Although we are having some professional photos taken, here are some bits and pieces that made up the re-design of the existing space.

Since there are numerous colorful products of all shapes and sizes for sale at the studio, we designed a custom birch cabinet to corral them.

We enhanced a memo board with the paint that we used on the ombre stairs, fabric and nailheads, like we did on this post here. The fabric is ironically titled Chakra Handprint.  We added some coral paint in the design detail of the pattern to make it relate a bit more to the frame.

The dramatic ceiling draping was made from 50 yards of natural cotton muslin, and 24 curtain rods, wire, and alot of patience and time.

The lamps in the room went from silver, to gold to oil rubbed bronze; all part of the tweaking that goes into getting it just right!  A gallery ledge features some art and photographs that the owner had which we reframed.

We built a new bamboo front for the existing desk.

Accessories add shine and greenery to the space. (Remember our BRAGG concept?)

The entry was styled with some texture and shine as well.

We fashioned a faux chandelier feature out of 5 paper lanterns and rope.

Here are some before pictures of the studio:

and here is the after:

Can you feel the feng shui?  

Nancy and Bethany

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  1. I'm feeling that lambskin on the the ghost chairs! This looks great ladies!

  2. Please show how you added bamboo to the desk front. That looks cool.

    1. We went thru several types of bamboo fencing samples before finding this more substantial, fabric backed version from Home Depot online. We framed a rectangular piece of it, put luan on the back for extra stability and screwed it to the front of the desk! Thanks, Linda.

  3. Y'all did a fabulous job! Love it!
    Happy Wednesday.

  4. Amazing job! I'm sure they'll reap the benefits of new clients due to the fabulous ambiance you ladies created for them!

  5. I love the draped ceilings....that is so cool. And I still can't get over the staircase. Lots of custom work, here. Brilliant Team Powell Brower!! Congrats on this fabulous project :)

  6. I'm feelin' it! Really incredible job, ladies. It's beautiful!

  7. You've created a lovely calming space.
    Would be happy to practice yoga there.
    Hope you have a lovely week,

  8. I can feel it! It's such a perfect space, truly. I love it all but I"m really intrigued by the ledge. It's so cool and functional. Did you design it or buy it?

  9. wowowee!! Great job ladies!! i love that ceiling - truly gives a zen, serene kinda vibe! Also the bamboos and all the furniture!!!!!!

  10. Namaste Baby! You girls did an outstanding job. Love the draped ceiling, the chakra print--and that yummy sensual reception area!

  11. Great job, girls! I'd love walking in and being greeted by such a great space.

  12. Fab job ladies. Those stairs are still my favorite. :)

  13. What a dramatic before and after! You ladies got in there and worked MAGIC! Great, job!! It feels so much cleaner, better organized, and well...designed!

  14. Beautifully done and really nice! I am sure the owner is pleased as punch.
    Hope you're enjoying the weekend. xo

  15. Wow! You girls really worked your magic! A space so beautiful MIGHT just make me want to go work out!


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