Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another Look for Less

I covet this picture.  Neutrals with texture.  'Nuff said.  Easily my favorite genre of all time.

I wanna show how accessible this look is.  First, let's swoon.

BTW - remember when chair-and-a-halfs were all the rage?  I was hard pressed to find one today!

Paint a light grey color under your imaginary chair rail and voila!

Reason 272 why you should hire a designer to get the look you want for way less.  You can really end up forking over some serious cash for oversized and well-worn.  But there's always a way to do it for less!  Each item here was sourced from a store that you or I have access to - either a big-box store or an online store.  I should take my own my advice and do a room just like this!  Too bad I've run out of rooms in my little cottage.  But this would be a room I'd love to recreate!

What 'look' are you dying to recreate?  Do you have a favorite room or inspiration pic?


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Nancy and Bethany


  1. I loved that room when I first saw the photo and I love it still. Great recreation!

  2. Such a great palette! I love your version...price-wise and looks-wise!

  3. Stunning, you did a great job recreating the look. LOVE this series!

  4. This room is beautiful. Definitely my style. I really need tombetbmy hands on one of those Moroccan end tables.

  5. A great room Bethany.
    Very 'swoon-worthy'!
    Hope you have a lovely day,

  6. Neutral & texture, one of my favorite looks too! Funny about the chair and half, I'd forgotten about them!

  7. I love this room!! Completely my aesthetic too!!

  8. I love this look too Bethany! I also loved chair and halfs, my niece calls one my sis has the cozy chair! it is her favorite place to read!

  9. Love the room. I find the way the mirror "appears" to go all the way to the floor extremely clever.

  10. Really love the room, you did a great job!

  11. Love this look for less! Keep it coming!

  12. Love this look! Love inspiring rooms too! It's neat to see how one room can inspire so many people in so many different ways!

  13. You are so right, there are no chair & 1/2 to be found anywhere. I had one that I loved for over 10 years. Nice job on the look for less!

  14. Beautiful image = very peaceful look. I had 2 chair and a halfs that had fold-out twin beds. They were the perfect size to share w/a young child. I actually sold them both to a family w/young children.

  15. I would never think to paint the top half of a wall one color without a piece of molding or chair rail separating it. I like it.

  16. I love this room super, super much! The only thing I'm curious about - where would the lighting come from? I guess, since we cannot see the ceiling, we are to assume that there is some fabulous fixture up there yonder! :)

    1. The only light visible is the sconce, but I assume either this has great natural light and only a little ambient light from sconces or floor/desk lamps, OR, they cut out the overhead lighting like most profesh. shots do, due to the uncool and totally passe nature of many ceiling fans. LOL

  17. i too love chair and 1/2's.
    they are so cozy.

    it sure is a peaceful look.


  18. Good Lord...I just pinned this the other day and now here you are putting it in perspective for me!!! You nailed it!


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