Thursday, September 27, 2012

a family family room

My aunt has GREAT taste.  I love it as much as I love my Mom's and Grandmother's.  And since I spent a lot of time with my aunt growing up, I feel super connected to her sense of style. So when she asked Mom and I to weigh in on some updates around her house, we jumped at the chance.  

She has major pieces.  And when I say major, I mean the kind where she's actually collected things from all of her many many travels and spent some serious money on art and furniture over the years.  The sad part is, from this picture, her room looks dated and dingy.

Because she has some really great things she only needed little tweaks here and there.  Like these mirrors we suggested for her alcoves in the family room.  She ponders doing built-ins one day, but these mirrors would do the trick in the meantime! 
The room already has both heavy and rich finishes : Simon Pierce lamps, authentic Oriental rug, creamy leather furniture, and a bent glass coffee table.  All we wanted to do is play those up with simple additions like pattern, texture and reflection.

We recommended custom drapery in a fretwork pattern that plays nicely with her other Chinois accents. We also recommended painting the entire room a warm white and accentuating the hearth by painting it dark charcoal like its slate top. A console would ease your visual transition into the sunken living room by making the sofa placement look more purposeful.

Get ready for a serious gear shift.  She also has a basement that was just finished into a gameroom for her grandchildren.  There is a separate entrance at the back of the house in her laundry room and it's been untouched for years.  To add a little fun and excitement, we did another ombre treatment!

Now to cozy up those cinderblock walls a bit!


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Nancy and Bethany


  1. Love it but tell me more about that brass screen for the fireplace. Must have it!

  2. Beautiful home! I think she will enjoy your suggestions, Bethany.
    Happy Thursday.

  3. Love the direction ladies! It is so nice to see room tweaks and not just starting from scratch room designs as that is most people's reality. Great work!

  4. Love the mirrors and console. Great job again!

  5. The only thing better than me getting my hands on this house is YOU doing it! cant' wait to see!

  6. These are the challenges that really capture my interest! Most of my "epiphanies" and ideas I have assisted with family and friends ALL have to be tweaks of what is already existing. I have never been able to start fresh! I love the ideas you came up with. The mirrors on either side of the fireplace is genius! She might not want to ever have the built ins! The mirrors will enhance the light and size of the room!
    I'm curious what you will come up with for the stair walls!!!!

  7. It will be even more splendid! Love the mirror treatment in the arches and painting the hearth. I now have to Google "bend glass coffee table" and learn something new. Thanks, I always learn new stuff from you two.

  8. Those draperies against warm white walls will be gorgeous, the mirrors and mantle update will be a great focal point!

  9. I love the mirrors for the alcoves and the other elements layered in will make a huge difference and those ombre steps - neat idea!

  10. Wow- the room has a ton of potential with those gorgeous curved arches. Love your changes!


    Holly Foxen Wells

  11. Where you're going with this is gorgeous. How fun to get to work with your great aunt!

  12. The mirrors in the little alcoves is the perfect idea. bounces off some light, making the space feel bigger. Show us all when it's done. :)

  13. That's so amazing that you get to work with a family member that has had an influence in your design styles. I like where you are headed for her space...look forward to seeing it completed!! Have a great weekend!

  14. i love the mirror idea on the alcoves! I think it's better than built ins. The pattern you chose for the drapery would be amazing in the room as well as the lighting! Lovin' the stairs- but I think your can also continue the treatement up the walls too!


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