Tuesday, August 14, 2012

the look for less

I love a good bargain.  But who doesn't, right?  That's why I always devour the latest 'High-Low Style' from online mag, Style at Home. I love seeing how they recreate rooms on a budget.  They also happen to pick the best spaces, too.

Which do you think is more expensive?

Enter room one.

And room two.

If you guessed room one, you're right!  But the difference in price may shock you.  We're talking almost $25,000 in difference.

The first room weighs in at a hefty $31,165.

The second, a much more reasonable $7768.

But this high-low exercise is a great example of why people hire a designer to achieve the look they want.  Not everyone can toss $30,000 at a new room (OK, for realzies, most of us can't).  But a couple thousand is much more realistic when looking to redo a room. Whether it's stowing cash for a rainy decorating day or using your tax return, you can expect to pay a good chunk of change to achieve the well-dressed, layered look you see in the mags.  And like most things, there are always the highs and lows, as we see here.  Hiring a decorator or a designer may be a great idea, to stay within a defined budget and to recreate a look.  In fact, designers PREFER when you come to the table with a look or a vibe that you're dying to try.  It makes our job so much easier, and it's so much fun to hunt down the best deals out there.

So with that, I think I can do you one better.

x bench $179 
Gourd Lamp $45 
Paris prints $135 
curtains $39 each (2 panels)

My copycat of the copycat is still less, by way more than half, coming to a grand total of $2594!  What a steal!  For an entire room re-do, that's a fantastic price.  Although, serial DIY'ers like us balk at that price, it just shows that you can definitely get the look you want for a lot LESS than you think.

Mom and I are constantly looking at products for client projects so we always have our eyes out for the trendy pieces and timeless pieces, at the best prices.  If you'd like help creating your dream space, or recreating something you've seen in a magazine, we would love to help! We provide services from sourcing products and look-a-likes to full room redos.  Contact us for rates and pricing.

If you are looking for help with your home, we'd love to work with you! Contact us for a listing of our services and prices. 
Nancy and Bethany


  1. Love this post Bethany! And I love that office too. I would take your copycat in a heartbeat!

  2. I like the challenge these days of doing the "look for less"...it is part of the love of design for me!! Makes it a more involved process than just whipping out the credit card and more rewarding in the end...

  3. This is what I do best! I have never understood a room costing $35,000...WHY? Maybe if I had it I would feel different, but I don't think so. I love to feel like I've made an impact for less...it is a challenge...a fun one!

  4. love all of them! Any room with a pink chair works for me!

  5. Great re-do! I love a good knock-off...saving all that money immediately makes the room prettier in my book.

  6. I can see it now--"One Better by Bethanny"-- your own design show on how to one up High Low. Love that you were able to resource for this design at a far better price. Fun post!!

  7. Great job. I am loving the overdyed rug. It is almost as good as your mom's ;)

  8. I am constantly on the search....you did create with the chandelier. The fun is in the "search"!
    Wonderful advice for all.

  9. Even if I had that much money I still like the "hunt"...OK...maybe I would spend it.....but your "look for less" was great!!!

  10. whoa. your orange overdyed rug pick is the bomb. I love it. donna

  11. I love your version. My girlfriend is one of the stylists that creates the high/low rooms. What a dream job huh?

  12. What a great lesson in the power of a designer! I had to go back and forth quite a few times....and though I liked the first room the best, it was probably b/c of that hot pink chair. Otherwise, I really couldn't decipher which was the High and which was the low.

    Your picks are even better!!

    xoxo Elizabeth

  13. Oh my gosh this was fun! And Bravo to YOU...for your "design within reach"

  14. Awesome!!!!!!! love your room because it's more reachable for most of us!!! You are quite a talent!

  15. Great job..... very impressive on re-creating the look. I have that ORB fixture in my home and I love it!


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