Wednesday, August 1, 2012

One Room Challenge REVEAL

It's here!  D-Day!  And before I get too far down the road of orating my journey, I want to give special thanks to my Mom for being my trusty, faithful, fearless and energizing companion on this challenge.  She is always doing the brunt of the work, in typical mom fashion, and I don't know what I'd do without her.  I couldn't be happier that the reveal is happening today, because I am so caught up in the spirit of the Olympics and this only fans the flame!  There were times when I lacked direction for my One Room Challenge and there were times I was so excited about what we were going to do that I could barely sleep at night - visions of fabrics danced in my head. But overall, this was one of the more rewarding experiences I've ever had, because it was just the kick in the pants I needed to get my bedroom done.  I really loved doing this!  And to check out our progress through the six weeks, you can see our posts below.  I'm already dreaming of what room I can do next!

Let's start at the beginning.  I dreamed of textiles and patterns and neutrals and pops of color and got so overwhelmed with ideas that I could barely contain them.  I settled on something along these lines:

The only real snaffus we ran into were with paint and the rug.

The first order of business was putting some color over the builders-grade antique white on the walls. After many years and new owners, my home wanted to freshen up!  I decided on White Winged Dove by Ben and Mom and I slapped it up on the walls the first time. I also painted the ceiling a rich gray-brown color called Smoked Oyster (also by Ben).

Yep, you caught that, I did say first time.  After the ceiling and the walls were gussied up, the White Winged Dove became SUPER lilac and I just couldn't deal with the prepubescent walls my room was sporting.  The ceiling color was the culprit, as it was making my walls take on a purple hue, so we made a quick change-up last minute and painted the walls Dove Wing (also by Ben).  Once that was up on the walls, we instantly breathed a sigh of relief.  It changed the entire dynamic of the room and we were back on track.


Here is my room before.

And here is my new bedroom!

A collection of photos in some bone frames I've been holding onto for a while of my Grandmother, my Mother and myself (middle) all aboard white horses.

The most important accessory - Wilma Applesauce Brower.

We decided to bring the ceiling paint down, onto the walls to create an illusion for your eye.  I'd love to add crown molding one day, but in the meantime, this is a fun alternative.  Initially we had some stair-steps painted in each corner with the wall color to give the illusion of a canopy overhead, but my eyes kept twitching when I looked at it, so we filled them in just a few days ago.

Mom and I made the headboard a few months back, wanting to add some scale to the room.  We used a tablecloth I bought on OKL and Scotchguarded it to resist stains.  I love leaning back on it to read.  One day, I'll make a slipcover to go over it when I tired of this pattern, but for now, I'm very happy with it.

I found an awesome curtain panel at World Market that looked so much like the rattan swirls in my ceiling light, so I bought it without a purpose in mind.  Luckily, my upholsterer is amazing and whipped it up into a light and airy roman shade.  He also took some fabulous coral velvet that I bought and made custom panels for my window.  I love how sheer the roman shade is, it lets the most fabulous light in in the morning.  

As we tried in vain to document the new room yesterday afternoon, the light changed on us a million times and the weather went from overcast to stormy back to sunny.  If you can look past the bad lighting in the pics, you'll see all the elements we added and blogged about along the way.

Recognize these?  My old salvage-yard corbels made their debut as a shelf, thanks to the help and patience of my Mom, Bro and Hubs!

I switched out my black glam shades in favor of some neutral burlap shades and added some dip-dyed silk ribbon that matched the shades of my ceiling and my curtains.

See this bolster?  It used to be a scarf that my Mom had in the 70's.  I've always loved it, so when she was merging and purging her closet, I snatched it up and had my upholsterer make it into a pillow.

And the lamp here is my Grandmother's Waterford crystal lamp that I hold near and dear.  I could never find a matching one, but I did find another Waterford lamp (on the left) with the same shape so at least it has a friend.

Mom and I were crazy for Coco Puffs over this light. I bought it a year ago and kinda thought it might end up in my room but couldn't quite commit to a hanging swag pendant.  I finally took it to the lampery and had it hardwired and put up on the ceiling.  Wilma barked at it for three days and we still catch her giving it the skank-eye from time to time.

I decided against the zebra cowhide in favor of a large rug that would cover my craptastic carpet in the bedroom.  The rug gave me such a headache but I'm so glad it arrived in time.  From being back ordered until the end of August to showing up on my doorstep a week later, I was ready to return it and get the zebra hide instead.  In hindsight,  I still covet the zebra cowhide but this faux Beni really works well and we love putting our feet on it first thing in the morning!

Mom did a fabulous job recovering an old ottoman that Wilma uses to shimmy up onto the bed with this brown and white Quadrille fabric I found on eBay for a steal.

And she does say-so herself.

One more time.  Before:

And after:

Thank you so much to many of the loyal bloggers who tuned in every week to watch our progress.  Your kind words and e-mails of support and encouragement meant so much.  I found a lovely group of friends who supported each other and in turn, helped each other dream big and for that, I'm very grateful.  A very hearty thanks to Linda for orchestrating this whole thing, I had such a great time and hope to be invited back for a future challenge!  And before you go, please check out the rest of the field's One Room Challenge reveals:

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Nancy and Bethany


  1. Your room turned out amazing! I love all the details. The corbels turned shelf is wonderful. And that light is fabulous!


  2. Bethany-
    Y'all did an amazing job! I love everything here, including the dogie.
    The paint job is fabulous, creating an illusion. The rug and ottoman is so warm and cozy, and I love the corbels and the bedding.
    You two just hit it out of the ballpark!
    Happy Wednesday.

  3. Bethany, it is over the top great! The drapes, the headboard, those nightstands...rug, lighting fixture, lampshades!! I know you were working like Wilma on all of this...and it is just great!! I love how bright it feels. I have always been afraid to paint a ceiling dark, but this has changed my mind. I love how you brought the color down onto the walls. Shout out to your brother for figuring out that shelf. What a talented bunch!

  4. I absolutely love it all but my particular faves are the brackets for the tv "stuff", the drapes and throw give the room such coziness and I love the side tables and lighting choices too...really fab Bethany!!!Kudos to Nancy too!! :)

  5. It looks wonderful! Love the curtains and the ottoman and I was pleasantly surprised to see the corbels. The bolster has such a cute story and I love the addition of another layer of pattern it brings.

  6. Hi, Bethany -
    TA-DA!!! Fabulous and very stylish! What a transformation. You and mom are an awesome team. The ceiling paint is the bomb! That is pure genius and so gutsy :-) So much to love: headboard, ottoman, antique corbels, and of course, Wilma. Thanks for sharing this project with us.
    Cheers to you, Nancy and the new bedroom!

  7. Simply, seriously...STUNNING!!! I could go on and on and on and on about the details I LOVE! You two did an amazing job!

  8. Gorgeous! Ladies you did a fantastic job!! The ceiling treatment is spot on and it brought so much warmth into the room. What makes it even more special is the personal additions like your mom's scarf and the photos of you ladies with your white horses! Way to go ... I will miss the ORC ... we have to keep it going!!

  9. Looks amazing Bethanny you and your mom did a fantastic job! The carpet looks so soft and cozy I'm glad you kept it!

  10. Well done! I love the new color scheme and the fabrics you chose, and the rug and chunky throw on the bed make it so cozy. Also, Wilma's ottoman is divine!

    All best,

  11. I just love it! I love the mix of pattern and textures! Great light fixture!

  12. The end result is beautiful as well as your pooch!

  13. Bethany, the room is beautiful! I can't believe the headboard is a tablecloth! What an ingenious idea! The idea of bringing the paint down is another ingenious move. The rug is great! Oh the ENTIRE room is Great! Congratulations. This has been such fun, I hate to see it end!

  14. Bethany, this is gorgeous! I love the painted ceiling and the slight creep of color onto the side walls to create a color border. I'm going to file that idea in my brain and hope to use it one day in one of my rooms! Also, I LOVE that cable knit throw on the may have mentioned it's source somewhere but can you tell me where it's from. I love it!!!

  15. Oh my goodness! this is fabulous Bethany! Also, want to thank you for your sweet words of encouragement throughout the process. Wilma is a doll! So happy to know you!!!! You are really talented!!! Love the room and especially that scarf bolster and rug!!!!yummy!!!

  16. It looks GORGEOUS! You did a fantastic job and I'm so glad you enjoyed the process so much. Looks like Wilma Applesauce Brower is pretty pleased with the results, too. (Love her!) Congratulations on a job well done! XO

  17. I LOVE IT! I meant is awesome to the core! Wilma...she has the cutest darn face I can tell she's important!

  18. Magnificent! You both outdid yourself. I can relate with the whole wall colour thing....I love dove wing! Your headboard fabric is fabulous. Those lamps are awesome {I saw some similar ones at the local thrift shop, thought of buying them for my living room but felt they were to ornate}

    I love all the personal touches you have and the layers. FABULOUS!

  19. You did a superb job and the dog is too cute.

  20. Amazing job!! I am so jealous of your monogrammed shams, I wish I had mine done in my room now :(

    Love all the details here, and I think Wilma might be the best one!!

  21. Wilma is so adorable! Love how she is posing throughout the room. :) Your room is stunning! From he corbel shelf, the scarf turned pillow, to the beautiful headboard, it's just lovely.

  22. Just beautiful, Bethany. I adore the curtains!
    The best accessory is Wilma Applesauce. ;)

  23. Wilma!!! I can't stand the cuteness! Your room looks GREAT too. Love your color choices!

  24. Wow, great job! Small changes can make such a difference. I LOVE that rug!! What dimensions did you end up getting?

    1. hiya emily - thank you :) i got the 8x10. i could've used a 9x12 but they didnt make one!

  25. You ladies knocked it out of the park! That ceiling makes the room and with the orange curtains and all the details. Love it!!

  26. Dynomite! Where to start??? It really looks swell! I love the feeling it exudes & you did so much but does not seem over done. How the heck did you do that? Colors are great & I love bringing the ceiling color down. Works! Theose curtains make me want to sneak up in the middle of the night & snatch them off the walls. WTG!

  27. That is one smoking hot room! I love everything about it...the roman shade with the rich velvet curtains...the is absolutely perfect! I am crazy about the corbels used under the TV...brilliant! The chandelier brings just enough whimsey into the space Congratulations!

  28. Fantastic! If it wasn't for Wilma, those amazing velvet curtains would be my favorite thing in the room. Take a well deserved rest, ladies!

  29. Ooooh La Laaa! What's not to love! Those drapes are sumputous! I want to sit on the rug with Wilma. I adore that the crystal lamps don't match but compliment each other. The textures are exquist. Mom did an outstanding job on the ottoman. Congrats!

  30. Bravo! (I'm clapping)
    A couple of questions...
    Where is your TV & components getting it's power from? I see no cords. Genius use of the corbels.
    And how high are your ceilings? The way you painted your ceiling makes it appear taller.

  31. It is one of those rooms one would like to escape too. ALl the textures in the furnishings make it seem warm and so welcoming. Great lighting and styling too! Gorgeous color palette.

  32. OH. MY. GOODNESS. Where to start?? Are you pinching yourself? Your bedroom is absolutely to die for gorgeous. You've done an amazing job. It's so well put together. You are in the right business FO SURE. I seriously love it all!!

  33. Oooh-la-la!! It's beautiful!Your ceiling treatment is GENIUS!!!!! I've been thinking of what to do with my ceiling and you gave me a great idea! our room walls accent is bluish-green (BEHR Paint in RHINO), Do you think grey would be fine with that color for the ceiling? Anyhow, I love your room - fantastic!!!!

  34. This. Looks. Amazing!!! I'm going to be your newest houseguest :)

  35. The room feels so much more cozy and personalized now! I love it. Love the ceiling detail and the bits of burnt orange throughout the room. Congrats on completing this big job so beautifully!

  36. Your room is so warm and cozy - you rocked it on this ORC! I'm catching up on everyone's rooms as I've been very behind in my blog reading. I'm sure you've mentioned this in one of your earlier posts, but where did you order your Beni (or faux Beni) from? Sounds like you had quite the ordeal, but it looks amazing and adds just the right amount of texture without overwhelming your calming space. Kudos on a job amazingly well done!

  37. Wow, that looks fantastic! I love all the fabric and pattern in the room. (Especially that peek of gold wallpaper through the doorway.) The drapes really pop, and the ceiling color is fabulous. What a great space!

  38. I love this! Where are the nightstands from?

  39. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! You two are just fabulous together!! Everything looks well thought out and carefully placed, yet the result is so...comfy and serene. Freaking awesome job. The use of the ceiling paint as "crown molding" really is something I've never seen before, and I'm impressed. I'm always nervous to paint a ceiling anything other than white for fear of "something lingering on my head" Not sure if that would happen...I guess I need to pop over and hang with Wilma in your bedroom just to gauge how my head would feel. LOL. Ok... not really.

    Wilma kills me EVERYtime I see a new pic of her, btw. I do have to admit...I miss those baby shutters!

  40. Your room looks gorgeous! The room looks so warm, relaxing and stylish at the same time! My favorites? The headboard, rug, window treatment and the fabulous corbels! You both made a great team!

    P/S: I uploaded new photos of my bedroom, check it out if you like.

    Have a great day!


  41. It turned out beautifully! Love the corbels under the TV (so clever!) and the headboard and rug! Congratulations! This was such a fun challenge to be a part of. Best, Lauren

  42. Bethany, it is gorgeous! I love all the little details from the light fixture to the bolster pillow! Great job! Wilma is so cute!

  43. Love the bedroom! Gorgeous. Love how you started with a plan and brought it to life. My favorite may be the light. The texture of the throw is also great.

    You did an fantastic job!
    Oh my heavens.... LOVE the pop of orange
    and PLEASE loan me Wilma Applesauce!!!
    She is absolutely THE cutest thing.
    I had to yank the power cord out just now and
    share her with my bull dog loving hubbie!
    Her name is too dang cute.

    THANKS so much for sharing at Favorites on the First!

    So excited to meet you and will be your
    newest follower. Can you please sell me those
    corbels? If they are missing one day, you will
    know who came by and "borrowed" them!!!
    JK of course!!


  45. Finally getting a chance to check out the makeover. Love it!

  46. Hi Bethany! I'm really late to the party on this one. I love your room it is amazing. Two quick questions: is the rug from West Elm? and is that wallpaper or stencil in your hallway outside the bedroom? I love it! - Brandy

  47. This seems to be the only way to get them down to where I can put in a little patch. Thanks for the advice.

    1. I LOVE that big cable blanket at the end of the bed, I wish I knew where to buy it!


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