Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Name droppin'

It's only one week in to August and we've already had a bang-up month!  We revealed my bedroom for the One Room Challenge, we ombre'd stairs for a client project and we're making new friends!

We're sending along a big thanks to Charmaine over at My Best Friend Craig for featuring Mom's now vintage artwork in her home!  Also a huge shout out to our friend, Teresa at Splendid Sass for featuring our ORC Reveal on her beautiful blog, an honor to both of us and Wilma!  Danylle at Nana Moon Shop, a fellow challenger, was also so sweet in posting our ottoman redo on her blog, too.  And last but certainly not least, our new friend Darci nominated us for a blogger award!!  We are so lucky to have such a supportive network around us, thank you to our wonderful friends!

Taking a page out of Janell's book, I'm going to stop and enjoy the moment today.  And enjoy just one image.  One I can look at for a while and dissect the parts.  Like this living room by Miles Redd.

Do you have an image like this that you can look at over and over again?


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Nancy and Bethany


  1. If Miles Redd does it, I love it. This is beautiful.
    Thank you for the sweet mention.

  2. I am loving that little chest and yes I do have lots of images I POUR over...I added this one!

  3. Congratulations Name Dropper!! You two deserve all the good things coming your way! Yes, Miles Redd rocks it every time!! Enjoy your moment!!!

  4. So good to have supportive friends! I could stare at that cushion on the couch for hours...slouchy perfection!

  5. Congrats on all the kudos! I love storing images in my computer "closet"...cheaper than shoes! :) and as much fun!

  6. Your ORC room gave us a lot to talk about. No wonder so many wanted to show off all your hard work.

  7. Miles Redd's room is perfect. Congratulations girls...Bravo!

  8. Wow! Well-deserved honors for you both!

    As for an image I love to look at, of course pictures of my family and kids that hang around the house always make my day, other than that, my outdoor living area, which keeps my winter blues away. :-)

  9. You go girls! Your hard work, awesome style and support throughout the blogging community is paying off! And, yes I'm always finding inspiration photos to analyze!

  10. This is really gorgeous. I have a few of those too - love looking back at them.

  11. You both deserve it! Congrats!


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