Wednesday, August 29, 2012

[Ceiling] Obsessed Much?

Hiya Folks!

I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled vacation to bring you a guest post update (and because I miss you all).   I'm over at The Mustard Ceiling today, paying homage to our friend Elizabeth and her blog - talking about the art of incorporating the ceiling into the room design.

If you haven't guessed by now, ceilings are kinda our thing.  We're just really into them, whether we're doing canopies on our current project, or painting them dark colors or revelling in some wallpaper goodness; we love to include the ceiling in a design plan. Kinda like the wonderful ceiling at our favorite Charlottesville haunt, And George

Pop on by The Mustard Ceiling to see the obsession unravel.


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 Nancy and Bethany


  1. Gorgeous! Going over to Elizabeth's to check it out!

  2. Moving over....ceilings are too often forgotten!

  3. Great post, Bethany! Love your out of the box inspiration!

  4. The 5th wall of the room...never forget it!

  5. Hope you are having a great vacation, Bethany :) I'm heading over now!
    Talk soon,

  6. You may have just inspired me to paint the ceiling in the master bedroom. I'm thinking I should book the massage prior to getting started though:)

  7. I am a ceiling kind of gal also. Two of the ceilings in my house are painted a color instead of the standard white. Love the look. On my way to Elizabeth's blog to visit,

  8. Will you tell me where you bought the mirrored nightstand?

  9. Found you over at The Mustard Ceiling! Great post- I'm a new follower now!
    Joanne @ Homestyling101


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