Wednesday, July 11, 2012

One Room Challenge : Week 3 Update

Mom and I finished painting my walls.  I chose White Winged Dove by Ben and I love it in the can and on the walls, another chameleon color!  Once the ceiling and the wall color were up, I kept getting more of a purple vibe than I want.  I'm going to try a few things to adjust the tone, like changing my lampshades and light bulbs.

Currently I have black paper lampshades lined with gold on the insides.  I love the ambient light they produce!  But in this scenario, I think the gold-ish tone that the lamps omit is making the walls seem more purple than they are.  I plan to switch the shades out for something more neutral or white and screw in some 'daylight' light bulbs to see if it helps. Have you tried the 'daylight' bulbs?  I love the true light that they produce, much less harsh than a halogen, incandescent or LED.  And I love the efficiency and savings of a CFL but hate the short lag when you turn them on.  

And how about the highly-illusive pink light bulbs?  For years, everyone has raved about how great the lighting is from a pink bulb but I haven't tried one.

By the way - what will happen to all of our room colors and paint choices once incandescent bulbs are eliminated for good?  I'm sure there will be a 'baby boom' at the paint stores!

I'm trying to decide between these shades.  Weigh in PUHLEASE!



Burlap with chocolate piping quatrefoil shape

Rectangular bell (sassy!)

(I'm leaning towards 3 or 4)

Regarding other progress, there is none.  JK!

But no really, there isn't much else to speak of.  Mom and I tore apart the ottoman I keep at the foot of our bed so Wilma can scale up to bed at night.  I plan to recover it in some awesome Quadrille fabric I found for a steal on eBay.  As we torn apart the current upholstery on the ottoman, we deduced two things.  It was a damn fine upholstery job because it was super hard to deconstruct and that this thing must ancient because it was definitely stuffed with horsehair!  We found a stamp on the inside that said 1953.  It had to have been reupholstered since then, since the last fabric was a pretty relevant tonal paisley.  Anyways, a little elbow grease never hurt, especially when Mom said she picked it up at a yard sale years ago for $10.

After all of the fabric was removed (sans the cushion cover).

The horsehair innards (EWW) and paint peeling.

We applied some paint stripper to the legs to remove the peeling white paint.  While we were at it, we continued to work on my corbels, from Lucketts, that I plan to make a shelf out of.  I found these two mismatched corbels a few years back and fell in love with their quirky charm.  They had to adorn some old Victorian battle axe once upon a time.  And once upon a time is no joke... we've removed 4 layers of paint and still going strong so it had to be a long time ago and that house had to be painted multiple times.  Mom headed out to 'You can do it, we don't help' to get some more stripper (that's what she said).

I had the corbels hung in the corners of my hallway entrance for a long time, but just didn't like the shabby chic direction they were taking me.

Sorry about the blurry pics, wanted to give you an idea of what they look like.

I'm aiming for something like this, under our mounted TV. I can get a piece of glass cut to fit the size we choose. 

But not if I can't get through the layers of grey, green and red that keep surfacing as we scrape!

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PS - It looks like I skipped a week in the order of One Room Challenge updates when indeed I just didn't realize that last week was Week 2, not Week 1.  Oops, sorry to confuse you.

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Bethany and Nancy


  1. Well, I have not idea about the pink bulb. I am not up on the fancy ones, but I love the white light of LED's. I would agree with you that 3 or 4 on the shades. I can't wait to see your new fabric on the ottoman.

  2. I am loving the burlap shade! I like the daylight bulbs too- I know it is PC but the eco-friendly bulbs just give off a weird light!Loving the ottoman for $10...can't wait to see what it looks like all done!I have a thing for corbels...can't resist em'! Well done.

  3. You and mom have been busy. I've stripped paint before and, it is not fun...yucky! Love what you're planning to do with the corbels. I like options #1 and #3. Have never seen a cork shade maybe you'll choose that and share with us the results :-)
    Happy Wednesday!

  4. I really like the quatrefoil shade but I don't remember seeing the lamp base. You two sure are busy! Love the korbels.

  5. You two have been busy!
    I choose the quatrefoil shade! Love it so much.
    The ottoman will be amazing. Someone must have building the corbel if there is red paint. hey are just stunning.
    Can't wait to see it all finished.

  6. My favorite shades are the two you chose. I know all too well removing staples and scraping paint is a slow go, it will be worth it on your gorgeous pieces!

  7. I like no. 3 as well. Love the corbels, they would be great as bookends too!

  8. OOhhh.. so much fun! i have an ottoman that looks just like that ... completely stripped ... I just need to get back in the game to get it done!! I vote Quatrefoil!! and corbels ... love them!!

  9. I am loving option 3! And I can't wait to see the fabric for the ottoman!

  10. The lamp shade with the quatrefoil shape is my favorite! Looking forward to see the fabric you picked for your ottoman!

    By the way, I am hosting a fabulous giveaway! Come by and enter for a chance to win $100 credit towards a beautiful personalized canvas!

    This is a giveaway you don't want to miss!


  11. I vote quatrefoil shade! Exciting ottoman transformation can't wait!...My old dog has a tufted bench at the foot of the bed too. Some people think it's storage, or just a nice look but dog moms know it's a boost with dignity for our best friends:)

  12. These are some awesome shades you've found! I'm loving the burlap with chocolate piping! I like the shape

  13. Wow! You have some serious DIY skills. I have to go with number 3 also :)

  14. Looking great. I use pink bulbs exclusively in my lamps and have for years. They are fabulous.

  15. My vote is for the Burlap with chocolate piping quatrefoil shade- I think its the prettiest!

  16. Great progress! I am leaning towards #2 or #3 for the shades. I love a drum shade and the quatrefoil shade is so cool too! :)

  17. What an easy decision. 3! 3! 3! I am going to drive across the state to steal it from you!! :)

  18. Burlap with chocolate piping quatrefoil shape without a doubt! The room is looking great!!

  19. OMG! Bethany! Loving all those lampshades! Esp. the quatrefoil shape!!! you are making great progress!!! Go girl!!!

  20. Hi Bethany! You've been busy! I like 3 and 4, too. Your paint color sounds gorgeous. I can't wait to see it! Also, I haven't tried the pink bulbs, either. I read about them and become intrigued, but I suppose my follow through is lacking. The daylight bulbs sound appealing -- I love natural light the best!

  21. You are busy, busy, busy! I LOVE shade #3! Lucketts, oh I miss that place! I have some corbels in my crawl space that are massive - too big and heavy to make a shelf out of, but am hoping to use as an architectural element somewhere in the house!


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