Friday, July 27, 2012

How to Start a Design Business

We are guest posting for Charmaine today at My Best Friend Craig.  She loves to share Craigslist finds with us and remake them into chic up-to-date decor.  She has great taste, and is slowly redoing every room in her home.  Today we are sharing our journey about starting a design business.  Come on over and check us out!

Happy Friday!


If you are looking for help with your home, we'd love to work with you! Contact us for a listing of our services and prices. 
 Nancy and Bethany


  1. Heading over, have a great weekend ladies!

  2. Will get in gear and take the trip over. Patty

  3. Nice post! Couldn't "comment" there but letting you know I thought the information was great!

  4. Thank you guys! You two are an inspiration to me! I hope to someday start my own design business. Hoping for more success!

  5. I'm all over that kind of post. Off to see you there!

  6. What an incredible post! So interesting and informative! Part of me wants to do this someday!


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