Monday, July 30, 2012

"House Guest" series: Styling

Today our House Guest is one of our favorite blog friends, Pam, who always has the most brilliantly styled rooms. Here are  her tips on styling.

I'm Pam from Simple Details and couldn't be more thrilled to be here.
The only thing better than being a 'House Guest' on your blog would be being a
 house guest at either of your beautiful homes!
You're a wonderful addition to the blogosphere, and I'm inspired by both of you daily!
Thank you for asking me to share a few ideas for styling...

When I'm styling a space whether a small coffee table or larger bookcase
I think of  the same basic elements as when I'm decorating a room.


1. Scale: Starting with the largest pieces first dictates much of the placement.
One trick I like to use is removing shelves from a bookcase to add interest and
 allow for a range of sizes for accessories.
2.  Layering:  I decide which pieces I'm going to use as a background for layering
Cabinet above - the mirror and artwork in front of it.
Coffee Table - the tray, then the vases on it.
Bookcase and Mantle below - the mirrors, artwork, and  'Z.'
3. Repetition: I repeat some of the elements to give a sense of cohesiveness.
Color, Shape, Type of Accessory
Cabinet & Coffee Table - pink, blue, black, curved vases, gold frames, books
Bookcase and Mantle -  ivory, brass, books, brass trays on easels,  
round mirror (see far right), round ivy topiary, sunburst mirror
branches, vases (all thrift store finds and painted)  

One more tip is to make sure your vignette has at least one of each of these elements.


1. Shine:  Mirror, brass, silver, glass, high gloss
2. Pattern: Cabinet & Coffee Table -  the pattern is in the blue floral artwork, even the
stripes on the book spine, also the  tray is lined with a black and white leopard print. 
Bookcase & Mantle -  the brick itself is enough pattern so I intentionally kept
 everything else monochromatic.
3. Texture: I would say most of the time texture naturally falls into place when
you include all of the other elements, but if it looks like it needs something, think texture!
Cabinet & Coffee Table - fabric shade and trim, flowers, smooth pottery, old frayed book
 and even wood cabinet, and glass table.
Bookcase & Mantle - Brick, branches, smooth pottery, rustic planter, worn book pages,
weathered frame, stamped brass tray.
4. Nature/Greenery:  Flowers, plant, branches, twigs, seed pods, just about anything
you can bring in from your yard. A must for bringing life and texture to your space.

Hope you're inspired to take a look around your home and yard to create a new vignette.
I'd love you to stop by Simple Details and and visit sometime.   

Thanks so much for having me Nancy and Bethany!
Thank you so much Pam! These are great tips!  Don't forget to see our ORC reveal this Wednesday!

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