Monday, July 9, 2012

Beach Bums

Our family has been going to Bethany Beach, Delaware since my husband's grandfather built a cinderblock cottage in the 1950's.  Each of his three children have since built their own houses bay-side and our family's house is one of our favorite places to be each summer.

waking up to water, water everywhere

We had the great fortune to spend this past weekend there - an even more rare opportunity that Bethany and I (and her hubs) got to go together!   The Mister opted to take care of our 2 horses, 2 cats and 2 dogs for us so we could have a mini-vacation.  We had grandiose plans of shopping and visiting our favorite haunts, but the weather put a damper on our plans. It was 108 degrees on Saturday as we drove around, too hot even to shop!  And though we are die hard beach-goers, the ocean was barely refreshing and the walk in the blazing sand to the sea was unbearable. 

After 2 hours we felt sick from the sun and napped and lazed the rest of the day in the A/C.  I rarely remember it ever being too hot to enough the ocean!

Our skin looks 1000 years old in this sun but this was the only pic left of 'us' after Instagram froze up.

We did manage to frequent some of our favorites: Beach Plum Antiques (below), Carolina Street and the Pottery Place.  

We were ever intrigued with the architecture of the homes and charm of the Northeastern style beach homes and took many pictures of the cottages we love and remind us of our favorite beach.  

Our Aunt Ruth's home a few streets over

We had a blast and we are already aching to go back.  Water is the best cure for anything.  How was your weekend? Come across anything inspiring?  

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-Nancy and Bethany

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Nancy and Bethany


  1. Being at the beach is always inspiring! Too bad about the heat..but it looks like you had a great time anyway!

  2. Hate that it was so hot for y'all! Beautiful photos and I am fascinated how the architecture changes along the coast ... these homes are beautiful and so welcoming!

  3. I love the beach...and even it it's's better than being inland.

  4. I love Bethany beach and I am still trying to convince my husband that he will too. This weekend was ridiculously hot, we stayed in mostly too.

  5. I'm so sorry the heat was such a factor, but looks like you managed to have a good time the architecture!!

  6. That looks like a fun place to visit! I am loving the style of the houses there... and everything seems to be on the water! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love seeing other beaches, this one is on my "visit" list now! And oh to get my hands on that boat full of bouys!

  8. Such pretty beach houses, and the antique stores look worth the trip!

  9. Wow 108 degrees is very hot, I'd be hiding in the shade until the sun went down. The colours in pic no.3 are gorgeous. The town looks very quaint I love these east coast wooden beach houses.


  10. What a gorgeous place for a getaway. And is there anything more fun than thrift shopping at the beach?

  11. It is just too hot at the beach, or anywhere for that matter. I just can't get out there. These people are fainting everywhere, and to add to the drama, add a few drinks. Alcohol and heat just do not mix!
    I am so ready for 30 degree weather again! At least spring or fall.
    Glad that you were able to have some fun.
    Happy Monday,

  12. I'm glad you got to spend some time with each other (and hubs). I've not been to Bethany Beach....hope it is not as touristy as Ocean City or Rohobeth. Doesn't look like it. Beautiful setting! Happy Monday :-)

    1. It's pretty quiet there, it's a family town. but it's smack dab in the middle of OC and Rehoboth, so we go to R for the food and boutiques and OC for.... well, we don't. :)

  13. You guys are so fun! I am so jealous your mother and daughter team gets to spend time together on the regular. Makes me miss my mom terribly that is 1,000+ miles away. .

  14. I'd really love to visit that part of the country- the killer heat does make outings uncomfortable this summer. Although we have mild temps compared to last year! I enjoyed the virtual trip- hope I get to visit someday.

  15. What a wonderful place - and great memories! Thanks for sharing!


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