Friday, June 29, 2012

Why it Works

When I poured over the new Traditional Home in the mail, my eyes quickly skimmed the pages and forgot this image as soon as I saw the next.  Except when I went back for a second look.

My first impression as I glanced at this room was "model-home" decor. But as I started to notice a few personal faves (the covetable Hermes throw, the La Fiorentina romans in the background) I realized I really love this room (by Jeff Andrews).

It's not this room, busy and interesting and full of movement.

But I love it separately.  And my first impression was wrong.  I love when that happens!  That's how you I learn.

Why it works:

It's BRAGG at its best!

Black accents (coffee table legs and pendant lighting) ground the room.

The sisal Rug adds texture.

The painting on the right wall adds a touch of Art

Greenery around the room, from the topiaries to the floral arrangements, gives life to the space.

Glass front cabinets and stainless appliances give a reflective glow in the room.

Do you ever see a room that doesn't strike any kind of chord at first, and then upon second glance, has you changing your mind?


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 Nancy and Bethany


  1. I think the room is beautiful! Just my style!

  2. It happens to me with rooms with muted shades but then you begin to notice the textures. Even the natural light, being in the distance comes across as subdued even if it is not. The room with movement has so much interest of a different kind - layering, colors, that lived-in feel. Love the accessorizing here. Interesting work on the walls and ceiling!

  3. I love the Hermes throw...would love to have a few scarves to make into pillows too. I love the muted tones..subtle but sophisticated.

  4. I didn't care for it either until you pointed out the little details. My fave is the blue velvet chair.

  5. Love both of these rooms. This is my problem ... i want it all when it comes to design!!

  6. I do love neutrals, but thought the same at first, 'model home.' My taste would lean toward including an antique or something a little rustic to give it interest.

  7. BRAGG! Is that your invention? So cool. I'm not going to forget that. For me, I'd probably spell is BRAWGG -- the W for a good dose of warm wood, preferably antique.



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