Friday, June 22, 2012

Week in Review : Animal House Edition

Happy Friday people!

I know I'm excited for the weekend.

The Mister and I have been staying at my parent's house while they are away at the beach.  We love to do it, usually it feels like we're the ones taking a vacation.

I love walking out the bedroom door and feeding the horses in my PJ's, cooling off in the pool or soothing aches in the hot tub and just enjoying the piece and quiet of their property.

But there's no vacationing for us this time.

This time, the animals are revolting.
Archimedes has taken to trashing the house while we sleep.

The pool is like bath water because of the sweltering heat.  I found I'd rather just take a bath and be clean than sit in hot chemicals.

Back at our homestead, the water heater called it quits on us.

Oh and I had the vet out because my horse has an infected tick bite in his armpit.  Poor guy.  But nothing that 50 pills twice a day can't fix.  Yep, 50.

I had to wait to post this, since lord knows Mom would be reading from a far, and I didn't want her to think twice about vacation.  Luckily for me she comes home today.  I'm missing my partner in crime.

By that time, I think I'll need a drink.

Of this this variety.

Back to all the glittery, wonderful things in blog-land.  

You all are familiar with Coco and her fabulously trendy textile line and adorable blog penned straight from the Hollywood Hills, right?

She posted a great article on how to 'throw' a throw.

I heart this post so much. Just like the tutorials online about the '80 ways to tie a scarf'.  I love tutorials.  It made me wanna get my throw and try it.

Except that I accidentally included my mohair throw in a load of linens to be washed and it is now the size of a small place mat... so I will not be testing these throw positions any time soon.

Try 'em out, though, and tell me your favorite.  Mine's the Lady Like Cross or the The Tailored Tuck.

Oh, and I made this soup last night for dinner and it was ahhhmazing. If you like Tom Yum and other variations of a coconut soup, you'll love this bad boy.  I added some thinly sliced red onions, some pad thai noodles and some hot chili oil to top it off since we like things a bit spicy.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend ahead.  TGIF!

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  1. so sorry about your horse ... I hope the 50 pills take action soon!! Love the throw article, thank you for the introduction! I am eager for Friday night cocktails myself ... been a long week!!

  2. Hope your horse gets better.
    Love the image of the chair! Pinned it.
    Happy Friday.

  3. Hope the horse pills lead to a speedy recovery - poor thing! And I saw that tutorial yesterday and now I'm obsessed with finding myself a new throw to try it out with :) Have a great weekend!

  4. Poor guy! Have to check out that throw tutorial and I'm definitely going to try that soup! I love coconut based soup!

  5. Well that's a whole lotta info in one post. Your Mom's place looks magical and I hope your horse heals up quickly! Have a great weekend, Bethany!

  6. I love your random, this-is-life post, Bethany! Hope all returns to normal with your sweet mama's arrival back home!

  7. I had no idea we are need to style our throw? Nate says...just throw it. I better get on that one. 50 pills sounds like a lot, but it is a horse. Good thing she can be "fixed". Have a great weekend, the heat is breaking today!

  8. This cracks me up that you "had to wait to post this"
    And welp, looks like I found the soup to make for Bunco, yayyy!!


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