Wednesday, June 6, 2012

three sheets & the wind...

One of my favorite "little things" is crawling into a freshly made bed with newly washed sheets.

Great feeling, isn't it?

I also love sheet shopping.  Er, window shopping.

At one time, I would have loved a mix-matched bed all Anthropologie style.

But now I like a calmer more organic feel, like this ensemble I've mentioned before.  

Mom says I change my mind like the wind changes direction, though.


Sometimes I think it would be so cool to have an unlimited bedding budget.  I'm not talking Pratesi here people.  I'm not quite delusional enough to spend an entire paycheck on a fitted sheet. 

In real life, I'm always looking for the next bargain.  Or else I wouldn't be blogging.  I'd be so rich I'd be lounging in my Pratesi sheets ordering someone to execute on all of my whims.  Instead, I am currently switching my Home Goods and Tuesday Morning linens from washer to dryer.


Back to the dreamworld.  I love the Les Indiennes vibe.   With a China Seas linen on the headboard, some John Robshaw sheets and maybe, if we're really living in a dreamworld of magic and endless purse strings, a Frette duvet. Oh - yes, and one of those fabulous Kevin O'Brien pillows that look more like spun gold than velvet.

 These are some of my favorite linens currently {operative word}.

Just like anything in life, sheets come in all price ranges.  Sure is fun to dream though {pun intended}.  I don't even care about thread-count.  I just need a good fuzz on the sheets.  

 I've had a great fuzz session from a worn pair of Ikea sheets.  I'd be afraid to get any worn fuzz on any of these beauties above.

Do you have a favorite pair of sheets or favorite brand? 


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  1. I hate to admit it but I am a sheet snob. I buy 1000 thread count sheets and pillowcases from Overstock and they must be white. I only use white towels too. I think all of the patterns are so pretty but on someone else's bed.

  2. Hi Bethany,

    Personally I love a neutral bed and the best sheets I ever bought (and bought for clients) were Land's End Home no-iron percale. Sadly, they don't seem to have them anymore.

    I love the John Robshaw look for a summer house and have done kids' rooms with Roberta Roller Rabbit quilts and pillows - it is a less expensive option for the same feel.

    All best,

  3. I love Land End's flannel sheets in the winter. They get more comfortable as they wear.
    Happy Wednesday.

  4. I am afraid I am a bit like Kerry....only 600 tc is fine for me. They get better with age and washing.

  5. I have Ralph Lauren leopard print that I've loved for years, but I'm up for a something fresh and light!

  6. Hey Bethany - Know what you mean: love fresh sheets!! I prefer white or off whites....pretty basic. Love the ones from Bloomingdales and Restoration Hardware. I always wait for the sales at Bloomies :-)

  7. Oh you are speaking my language sister! I've had sheets from ABC Home, several years old, that are my total favorite. Garnet Hill has wonderful ones as well.

  8. Ah that Anthro quilt is fantastic!

  9. So agree!!! In fact, I was ironing pillow cases this morning, thinking "why don't I do this more often?!" Smelled and felt amazing.

    Here's to a great night's sleep! :)
    xo Elizabeth

  10. Ooh I love the yellow + white patterned sheets - these would definitely brighten up a room! I find that target often does really good sheets that have a high thread count, but not the price tag :) Nice to meet you! xx


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