Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Sunroom Pillow Update

I needed pillows for my sofa that I upholstered with drop cloths here, and I asked you all to vote here.  I totally loved hearing your input!  This is the pillow grouping you all voted as number 1:

The pillows in this picture total about $400.00, and since I only paid $60 in materials to redo the sofa ( which the cats and dog lounge on daily)  this is what I ended up with from World Market for under $50.00. The orange pillow is a dotted fabric that reverses to gold-ish yellow dots.  The floral is very similar to Schumacher's Hot House Flowers I've been dying over.   I had the two navy faux-imperial trellis pillows from Home Depot already. I need to get a throw with orange/rust colors next.

Thank you so much for your votes, and I am happy with the look I achieved for less.  Now I need to come up with the PERFECT pillows for my living room sofa, and I am willing to spend more on those.  I've spent as much as $200 on a Trina Turk pillow before and felt a tad guilty about that.  What's the most expensive pillow  you've bought?


Happy 3rd Anniversary to my darling Bethany and her husband!

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 Nancy and Bethany


  1. Oh, that floral is gorgeous, they work perfectly with your gallery wall and rug. I can't believe you accomplished that for under $50!

  2. I love that floral pillow too!

  3. LOVE the navy trellis pillows. Perfect. xo

  4. Great choices, Nancy (and friends)! Love what you found.
    I have spend $350.00 on pillows before, but I realize now how ridiculous that was. I still use them though, so maybe not. I would not spend that now unless it was needlepoint or some other pillow that I could not live without!
    Happy Tuesday.

  5. Gorgeous! The pop of rust/orange against the blue is perfect. I have such a difficult time buying expensive pillows. I like to switch them up too much. I usually make my own :).

  6. matrazenbezug24.deJune 26, 2012 at 2:22 PM

    Amazing design.Very nice collection of pillows with good deals .


    Nancy, pillows look wonderful. I love them grouped in the middle. Beautiful vignette. And, I didn't know Home Depot sells pillows?? Those match your rug so well.


  8. I love the whole thing, especially the gallery wall.Happy anniversary, Bethany.

  9. Love your pics! I have a bad pillow fetish as well. You should see the favorites in my Etsy account - 10 pages of pillows!

  10. Hmmmmm ... the most expensive pillow I've bought? I don't really keep track ... I'd probably be scared! I will admit to having a very pricey ($400+) pillow made for a client. It was the fabric that was super expensive - an amazing Sunbrella that you never would have believed was Sunbrella!

  11. My really really favorite part of this room is that fabulous gallery wall you have!! It is beautiful and the pillows you chose are perfect! Love sharing the process with you!

  12. Hi Nancy!!! GOOD JOB! Doesn't it feel good when you know you got a good deal?

    AND YES, I AM AWARE OF ISABELLE DE BORCHGRAVE! Oh yeah, she and Miss Clara are my muses!! THANK YOU FOR SHARING! Anita

  13. Great choices. I love the impact of the artwork on the wall behind the couch. Great space!

  14. I used that same floral from WM at the beach house. I love it and I actually changed out the inserts to down ones that I found at Ikea for 7.99!!!!! Great job!


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