Friday, June 15, 2012

Currently Coveting (the series)

I love little trays! I have a few I love, like this Chiang Mai tray from Furbish

 but would love to add this Hermes tray to my collection.

Instead of forking out $650, I have my eye on a few of these:


   Of course this is only 1/100th of my list!  What are you currently coveting?


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  1. I love little trays and how they magically transform a mess into something cute. Right now I am coveting cute modern chairs for my breakfast table.

  2. I love the turquoise one!

  3. WEll I could start with a few of these. Have been trying to fins an inexpensive tray to paint myself, but these are gorgeous.
    Thank you for your kind comment yesterday. It meant so much.
    Happy Friday.

  4. I'm a sucker for anything nautical, so #3 is right up my ally!

  5. Well you have great taste! I'd like EVERYTHNG at Furbish!

  6. I always like one for the tv remote, it makes so much more sophisticated! :)

  7. Replies
    1. I just bought that one, 19.99 on sale at!

  8. When it comes to trays, can never have enough. More, please. In addition, I am coveting a new Sprinter moving van, sectional sofa for basement, ottoman for office, TV for basement, more built-ins, and a Mac computer. That's just page #1 :-)


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