Saturday, June 2, 2012

Admittedly a Redford fan

I used to think Robert Redford looked like my husband and I was reminded of the lovely images Emily posted of him in films like Out of Africa years ago.  I'm giving away my age.  You darling young bloggers have man crushes on people I don't even know, but come on, there are those of you that agree with me, right? Come out of the Redford closet.

  Here's my husband (and me) in 1975:

     And then there's my son that kind of looks Redford-ish:

Thanks for letting me indulge! Come on, let us know who your man crush is (old or young)!!


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 Nancy and Bethany


  1. You have a very good looking family!

  2. Aw...I love seeing old photographs! We are about the same age, Nancy! He does look Redfordish, and your son is darling.
    Happy Saturday.

  3. I agree....Redford is crushworthy. Super fun photos! I think it's always great to have a crush or two. I'm sticking with Clooney for now. He and I both turned 50 last year and I like his humor. Fun post!

  4. wow....
    if only i thought any of my husbands looked like robert redford-
    i venture to guess,
    i would still be married!!!!

    lucky you!!
    big hug xoxo

  5. Nancy dear!

    Ohhhh your husband definitely looks like RR!!!!! AND YOUR SON! OMGOODNESS, what a likeness!

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    Interested? Let me know.


    1. Anita, I'd love to join your Paris Link party! Thanks so much!

  6. I'm really not very familiar with him (maybe before my time), but your handsome husband and son share quite a resemblance!

    :) Thought you'd like a laugh!

  7. Can you please tell me how it is that you look the same as in 1975? Seriously! Forget the boys we want to know your secret.

  8. Here's my secret - I had a crush on Warren Beatty when he starred in Dick Tracy - until my mom told me she would have "let him put his boots under her bed." Oh my!


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