Saturday, May 26, 2012

Weekend in the Yard

 It's been raining for what seems a month here, and it's guaranteed the drought is over.  The grass is  squishy to walk in, and all my spring flowers are gone, but it has never been so green and lush.  Enjoy now before that Virginia heat comes and dries up everything in the next 2 months!  Here is what's blooming lately:


I love day lilies, and these orange ones are so intense! I wish I had a hundred more.
We are into deck repairs and getting the pool opened, so I will have some prettier images of all that hopefully soon! 

Happy Memorial Day to all.  Remember those who serve our country.



  1. Your yard looks great! All my spring flowers are gone too. The peonies and roses are starting to bloom though.
    Happy Memorial Day!

  2. Your property is gorgeous. My husband is cursing the rain because our lawn is growing so fast that he is mowing twice a week. Mixed blessings.
    Happy Memorial day to you and your family!

  3. the flowers certainly look happy!!

    xx ;)

  4. Gorgeous flowers, Nancy. I can't wait to start on my gardening/yard renovation. Hopefully this fall...

  5. Beautiful Flowers, bethany and Nancy! Looks like the rain was generous.
    Happy Memorial Day weekend.

  6. Hi Nancy - The pool would've been perfect today! Just got home from a daytrip....was hot out there. Your yard / garden and flowers are gorgeous! You have the perfect setting: land, horses, pool....NICE!!! I used to grow daylilies, and mine bloomed for so long. Talk soon!

  7. Your yard looks lovely. I'm sure you know how to divide the day lilies? Love the white planter boxes. Can't wait to see the pool.

  8. Your flowers are beyond lovely!! Please give me the green thumb!!!

  9. Your yard is perfect. Loving the chartreuse and pink in the first pot!

  10. So beautiful! We are a bit behind this year with cooler weather, but I'm looking forward to seeing some blooms soon- hopefully!


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