Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Speaking of OVERDYED rugs....

Yesterday Bethany posted her current cravings, one being an over dyed rug.  We are seeing them everywhere and I love the vibrant colors!  ABC Home has an excellent selection, as does Rugs USA and many others.






Ive seen a post or two on overdying, like Kristen F. Davis's here, but she uses a 2 x 3 rug that she put in the washing machine. I want to dye a 5 x 7' rug.  Have any of you tried this, or know of someone who has?

Update: We got going on a trial 2x3 rug tonight and put it in a chlorox bath for 3 hours and NOTHING happened...any ideas? A lot of R&D going on here!


  1. Hi Ladies, there is a huge gap at the bottom of your post before your comments? I have been drooling for an overdyed rug. I let the perfect one get away, and I can't find another one. I have not found an article that has convinced me to DIY this. In fact, I have not seen a DIY on this that was a huge success. I am rooting for you!

  2. They're so cool, I haven't seen it done. But, if anyone can do it, you're the team1 Good luck! :)

  3. Hi Nancy and Bethany! Cool project! I'd be afraid to stain my bathtub with the dye. As usual, I am a little behind: have not seen over dyed rugs. Your blog always keeps me current and up to date!!

  4. Ooops, I didn't finish my comment....hit publish by mistake. I also like the patchwork rugs. They are pieced together, and overdyed. Nice!

  5. Curious? I'm planning to try the DIY with the acid dye? Did you see that? But agree it had to be a smaller rug. Now the acid dye brand did say it could be applied with a steam cleaner but that is way beyond my skill level! Jamie

  6. Okay, been under a rock, I've not seen this trend or noticed! I like it, and the only experience I have with dye is putting rite in the washing machine with HOT water. I think Hot was the key...good luck! Janell

  7. I am loving over dyed rugs... but so can not afford them! I hope you have luck with yours and share your process so we can all steal it! Good luck keep up with the R&D!

  8. Let me know how it turns out as I'd love to be able to DIY one. I'm in love but don't have the $$ to buy one. You guys can do it!

  9. oh, I do like this look and of course anything that Kristen does looks like a million dollars. Would love to try it.

  10. Hi Nancy,
    I feel I should know you from the Torpedo Factory long ago. In my other life I was a weaver with Potomac Craftsmen Gallery, one of the original workers on cleaning the place up. Been reading back on your posts....found you from your comment on My French Country Home. Love your horses!


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