Saturday, May 5, 2012

Home Goods strikes again!

Mom and I have been eyeing these gray and white striped rugs for a while - they make a great statement on your floors and are the perfect accessory based on the relative inexpense. 

We've included them in a design project, we've seen the variations from Dwell Studios, Frontier, Dash & Albert and the like, and we've even contemplated them in our own homes. 

But Home Goods sealed the deal for us the other day when we found this pup for $49!  They were already pretty affordable as it is, but you can't beat that price for a 5 x 8!

And look who has the same thing listed today for $329!  Now if only we could find a place in one of our houses for it... (as is often the problem with a great deal... you may not always need it).



  1. Bethany, wow I agree. It would be wonderful on a covered terrace.

    I have featured an Interview with Tina from The Enchanted Home...


    Art by Karena

  2. Great find, Bethany!
    Happy Saturday.

  3. I love those rugs and if I ever find one for that price I'd snatch it up real quick.:)

  4. Bethany - You, Mom and I need to go shopping together one day ;)
    As I've never been to Home Goods, please let me tag along one day. Hope you had a great weekend. XO, Loi

  5. Gawd I love Home Goods. $49 for a 5 x 8 rug? I would've bought two. With no place to put them. :)


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