Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Field Trip : Tone on Tone!

Saturday Bethany and I continued our "market research" and landed in Bethesda, MD to meet our new blogging friend, Loi Thai of Tone on Tone.  We stopped in at his namesake store, Tone on Tone, owned by Loi and his partner Tom, and were wowed by their beautiful Swedish antiques. It's like we were old friends, talking about what we knew about each other from our blogs, and spending the afternoon visiting and drooling over everything in his shop.  

His furnishings, accessories and displays were so beautifully curated.  There are no reproductions here, they are all authentic antiques!  He humbly told me he just 'peddles used furniture', but more like a peddler to royalty! They go on shopping trips to Belgium and Sweden to hand select items for the store.  He called all of his customers by name, referencing their homes, so you know he has a loyal following! Take a look around:

His store feels like all of my favorite Swedish images all rolled into one.

 Loi's kind and generous hospitality and friendly personality if proof that our blogging experiences are rewarding us triple fold with the friends we are making. 
 Check out his blog, Tone on Tone.

~Nancy and Bethany


  1. Lucky duck! I can't wait to get over there. I hope to make my own field trip once summer vacation starts.

  2. Fun research! Love his blog - breathtaking.

  3. What a fun adventure, his pieces look incredible. I've seen his home on blogs recently and it left speechless! Didn't you mention you were looking for the perfect bench?!

  4. You can't help but love Loi and the gorgeous shop! So happy to have met him in blogland!
    Thank you for sharing, Nancy and Behtany.

  5. SO beautiful! I bet you both had the best time. What a fun trip!

  6. What a beautiful store! Thanks for the intro! xo

  7. What a fun store! I need to go check out his blog.

  8. N,
    thanks for the images.
    great shop.


  9. Nancy! Bethany! The pleasure was all mine!! Your visit was the highlight of my day. I kept telling Tom how much fun we had. Thank you for driving out to visit the shop and me....really appreciate it. Next time we'll have coffee at my place, ok? Afterwards, maybe a little "market research" field trip together.....we'll take my big van antiquing :-) You two are the BEST!!! I am so grateful for your support and friendship!! Thank you. Hugs, Loi

  10. What a gorgeous shop! I'm so glad to have the heads up! Jennifer

  11. That was worth while road trip!! I love the settee!!

  12. A stunning shop..... I want to go there!


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