Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I know I've mentioned before that one of the projects I'd like to tackle in 2012 (are we project-crazy or what??) is my kitchen.  While there's nothing totally wrong with it, I would like to transform it from standard updated kitchen to reflect a little more of 'me' and my style (err… OUR style, sorry hubs).  I'm happy with the layout so it's just a matter of zhushing - back splash, painting lower cabinets, new uppers with glass-paned fronts and hanging the three pendants that have been sitting in my shed for months.

In keeping with my inspiration board, I aim to paint the bottom cabinets dark, like an inky navy or obsidian, and replace the top cabinets with crisp white uppers that have glass panes.  Some people like the look of wood cabinets, some like the same color on the top and the bottom.  Some like to mix it up; I think I fall into this category!  The other option would be to paint them all white (top and bottom) for uniformity.  But I like how the dark anchors the room versus a floatier feel with all white.  

What do YOU think? 

How do you feel about this trend of light on top, dark on bottom?  Do you think it's here to stay? Do you prefer all one color?  

- Bethany


  1. Boy do I wish I was redoing my kitchen! I hate the layout of my own and that translates to big $$$. I love the dark and light cabinet mix so I can't wait to see yours.

  2. I too love the mix but I also like all white kitchens. Can't wait to see what you do!

  3. Looking forward to the redo! I love the different colors in cabinets.
    Happy Wednesday.

  4. Love it! That first picture is one of my favorite kitchen inspiration photos. I think I've pinned it multiple times on pinterest.

  5. You certainly have perfect inspiration form these images. Adore the dark island contrasting with the white cabinets...seems to ground the it!!

  6. I honestly love it, I have never liked an all light kitchen because it reminds me of a hospital's OR room.. But this is the perfect balance. The white countertops are also perfect to display some brightly colored flowers ;)

  7. So happy to have found your blog.
    I love the last image - a possible maybe for when we re paint our kitchen.
    Have a lovely day.

  8. When we built our house in 1996, we made the kitchen all white.....white cabinets, white counter tops, white appliances. It was nice for a while, but found I got tired of all the brightness. (It was hell to come back to after getting my eyes dilated at the optometrist!) When we updated, we kept the white cabinets, added the stainless steel & black appliances, and finished it off with an interesting, earthy gold/brown granite that had specks of black and gray. I like your idea of dark on the bottom - feels like it balances and adds depth to the area.

  9. Hi Bethany! I'm a fan of the two-toned kitchen and originally wanted to do navy blue lower cabs but opted for grey instead since I knew we'd be leaving here and renting to someone else who might want a little less contrast. But I love the way it looks! Martha Stewart's Wrought Iron is a really nice navy blue, by the way. Not too blue and leaning toward black.

    I think you should go for it!

  10. Ours has been light w/black island for almost 6 years and I've loved it, but am ready for all light now! I've seen it done in blue, that would be gorgeous!

  11. Love every single one of these beautiful kitchens!! My favorite is the fourth - I love that there are no uppers - it gives a very clean and airy look and also like how the dark bottom disappears into the floor - that's the most successful use of the differentiating I think!

  12. well,
    i don't know what your back splash will be and that matters for my answer.
    i like all of the looks.
    except i do not like harsh white everywhere.
    i think it is better to mix it up a bit.
    and when i paint cabinets....i do have a slightly darker or lighter color
    robbed into the cabinet-along where the molding lies.
    it's just a touch,
    but it adds depth.
    sometimes straight painted cabinets can look like they came from lowes or home depot, or worse ikea.

    thank you for your support as of late.
    it means so much to me.

  13. I like all white with pops of color, but if I had a really large kitchen, I might like to add color. I do really like those photos you posted with the blue lower and white upper.


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