Monday, April 30, 2012

Kerry Steele is for real

Today I met up with Kerry from Design du Monde blog. She lives about an hour from me, and in our comments and emails I felt a kindred spirit to her and offered to meet her midway at Lorton Workhouse, in Lorton, VA.  It is an arts center that features studios, galleries, a theatre, workshop spaces, and an art supply store. We spent several hours together, with her adorable 3yr. old daughter, and had a lovely day.  Here are some pictures of our visit:

The Lorton Workhouse was built in 1912 as a correctional institution under the Roosevelt administration and later became a medium security prison until the 1980's when the site was too dilapidated to repair. It became an arts center in 2008.
Kerry and I conversed with some artists, admired lots of art and drooled over the studio spaces.  We both wanted to go home and start painting!  They didn't allow picture taking, so my photos are limited.

and here we are, two new friends, ONE OF THE MANY REASONS I LOVE BLOGGING!

 Have any of you initiated meet-ups with local bloggers you've met?  I'd like to do more of this, and would love to hear what you all have done!
Have a great week!



  1. I love that picture of Helen! It was such a fun outing I can't wait for another field trip.

    1. she matches the art in the background !!!

  2. How fun!! Hope you have a great week.

  3. Looks like a wonderful time. I didn't realize they had converted that facility, that's terrific. Kerry's daughter looks so sweet too.

  4. So great that you could meet! I won a beautiful giveaway that Kelly held before Christmas, and she is SO talented.
    Nancy, thank you for sharing your visit.
    Happy Monday.

  5. I have met up with a few bloggers from my area and it's been fun. You can't have too many shopping/obsessing over things buddies. Kerry is a great talent - I'm coveting one of her pieces!

  6. That is fantastic! I've made blogging friends, but they're not close enough to meet like you did with Kerry. I need to get to know some Dallas bloggers! Kerry's daughter is adorable!!

  7. I'm jealous...I would love to meet up with a few. I did meet some at a mixer, but it was a first meeting. Everyone was a bit shy and the conversations were mostly introduction chit chat. I will be making my way to Boston this summer, so I will stalk Kim Macumber.

  8. I just discovered Kerry's blog a few days ago. As I mentioned in my email, Nancy, the best part of being a new blogger is getting the support from such a generous community. I'd love to meet each and every one of you someday :) xoxo,

  9. yes!!!!
    claudia from 'the paris apartment' and i have become close friends.
    she lives an hour from me as well.

    it is the best!!!

    who knew when i started this blogging journey in 2007 that i would feel so 'rich in my heart' from the friends i have made.


  10. I'd love to, but so far just chatting on the phone! How fun!


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