Monday, April 2, 2012

I've got this blank wall

...that I have been dying to do something with.  I would love to place a large piece of art there.  The best possible idea I could think of would be having a fabulous portrait of one of my many animals up there.  But I haven't been able to make it happen, yet, but this picture is one where no words are needed and sums up how I (and my husband) feel about animals.  Especially the animals who have touched our lives.

                                                               Source: via Bethany on Pinterest

Since recreating this picture in some form is going to take a bit of work (I need a photographer, stat) I started playing around with my living room/dining room combo. I would have never thought it, but I really like how this moody turquoise painting looks with my muted palette and I am leaning towards incorporating turquoise.

And, since I love the Abby Kasonik blues at and George so much, I could find one or paint something with similar colors.

I also love this painting in a Suzanne Kasler room.  Moody but very understated.

The point being, it's got to be something very large and something that hits me right in the gut when I look at it.  We all know how subjective art is, so I may need to get to work making something from my own guttural instincts.  What do you think about large scale art?  What makes the biggest impact for you? BTdubs - how was your weekend??




  1. I really like the image from the Kasler room. When I paint abstract I like them to be large and I have four huge abstracts (only 2 by me) in my home that I love. Good luck getting just the right piece, it is so gratifying when you do.

  2. Go big or go home! Large pieces are my all-time favorite! LOVE the abstracts and your horse!

  3. I am so into big art right now, have a draft of a post on it in my lineup. A single big piece of art can make an amazing statement in a room! Janell

  4. I say go BIG! I too am in need of a big piece to go over my living room couch.....keep contemplating becoming an artist. I might could do abstract?!

  5. I love the idea of a large painting featured in a room that really makes an impact. I think something with animals would be great since they are so special to your family!

  6. The picture of the horse is amazing but I am also a big fan of huge abstract art!

  7. What beautiful images, and love when special art makes such a statement in a room. We must be on the same wavelength today...featuring an artist that we love!!

  8. Very interesting blog :) I'm following, maybe you can follow me back?

  9. I am so into large, abstract art right now, but I do love the horse print/photo as well! donna


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