Thursday, March 22, 2012

Pendleton Blankets

Love 'em or leave 'em? 

I've been loving their bold plaids and soothing colorways since I saw some at Terrain a while back.  Pendleton blankets looked pretty hearty if you asked me, the kind you'd want to cuddle up with on a cold night.

At one time during the winter, I almost purchased one.  

And then, while styling my chair with my grandmother's hot pink wool throw from Oregon, I made out from its tattered that that it is a Pendleton!  Imagine that?  This thing has been around for probably 50 years, no joke.

PS - I love that she was bold enough to buy a hot pink throw!

So my advice to you is if you are looking for a timeless wool blanket, I'd say 50 years and still kickin' is a pretty good return on investment!

- Bethany

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  1. Love em! I especially love that gorgeous fuchsia color! Perfect year round!

    Thanks for visiting and leaving some blog love, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!



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