Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Online Shopping - The Saga

I love to shop online.  Love it.

It's incredibly gratifying to have packages arrive at my door.  It's actually kind of magical, if you think about it.  You click a button representing a pretty picture of something you'd like to have and then it shows up at your door.  Jetsons I tell you.

Anyways.  This wouldn't be called a 'saga' if there wasn't some tragic undertones to all of this.  So let me just tell you how crushed I am when my package finally arrives and it's not what I envisioned.

You'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now.  You'd think I'd want to actually go see the article in question, before purchasing.  If you calculated some kind of cost-benefit statement on my online purchasing behavior, you'd probably tell me I've spent oodles in shipping costs that are completely wasteful.

But still, I order away.

My latest tragedy is that of the antelope rug.

You've seen them, right?  Glorious in all their translations and how they fit just about any environment.

Cote de Texas

Sally Wheat

Haute Indoor Couture

Jan Showers

I thought it was high time to get me one.

I waited.  And waited.  This thing was an incredible deal on OKL and it was a Stark!  I thought, OK, I can't go wrong.  Great name in the industry, right?

Then it came.  I wanted to like it.  I forced myself to like it.  Even if it meant changing out my new drapes just to make it work.

Then I came to my senses.  It was horribly pixelated and looked so cheap.  Which never seems to show on the larger ones.  Maybe it was just at this size?  Maybe that's why it was so reasonably priced?

I die.

I send back.

Rinse and repeat.

What are you online shopping horror stories?  Come on, please make me feel better about myself :)



  1. Well they certainly make things look amazing. Similar to touched up faces and bodies. It does kill me to pay for shipping, especially to send back.
    We live and learn.
    Happy Tuesday.

  2. I've seen those rugs all over and have admired them for awhile! So disappointing! I've been pretty lucky with my online shopping. Although I just bought some items from Joss and Main that I haven't received yet!

  3. I think rugs are tough...because the colors are never right! I really like to see it in person.....

  4. I love to shop online but mostly keep it to books from Amazon. Hard to go wrong there! But one of my latest oops was a 10 ft dining room table. Gorgeous washed worn wood...showed up a horrid green the color of mold. BUT it was build so well with great lines, with a big cost to return, I started my refinishing job. Couldn't be happier with it now.

    And adore these rugs, let me know if you find a great one at a great price! Janell

  5. Oh, that's so sad and frustrating!! I do love this look!! We can relate to purchase that just don't work when we so desperately want them too!

  6. LOVE the ONLINE SHOP... Usually, it's something I have coveted and/or have seen in person/catalog/media/mind. Best thing is the "magical/effortless"(free shipping/no tax/ordering in pajamas) appearance of a package at my door...Just today, I "on-lined" B/W Chevron patterned chair for the entry...estimated shipping date 3-4 wks...will report back upon driveway delivery

  7. Oh my gosh I love this post, you crack me up. I got my 9 x 12 remnant locally, go (today) to Carpet Palace in Bethesda on Wisconsin Ave. They are awesome, the only floor guys we work with, and I bet you will end up spending less than you did on OKL! Good Luck!

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