Friday, March 2, 2012

In love with Serena & Lily

    Have you all seen the new Serena and Lily Spring Catalog? O M G

I am drooling over all things in here particularly the navy and white staircase!!!! 
This is ME to a tee.

There are alot of new products in here, too, like the navy rug (still trying to decide on a new rug for my sunroom)

 and this new fabric:

    these accessories:

    this bedding:

Limited Time Only swatch orders.

Just love when new catalogs come out! 

What else is going on with you?



  1. Nanc - Last night you mentioned that you were going to post this today, and I went home and furiously sanding away that spilled paint I mentioned around the staircase. TODAY - I have visited the blog 3 times this a.m. waiting for this entry, now I'm drooooling!! I need to send the hus away so I can do this, he can just deal. Yay??

    1. Did you get the paint up? I know S& L is to die for. THe other planter box is finished... I'll just put it on your porch..thanks so much Juli!

  2. I adore Serena & Lily! Their textiles are just to die for. Have a great weekend Nancy!

  3. Oh I love that graphic chevron! That print would look FAB layered with any other S&L textiles in the same color story...especially with a floral, how apropos for spring!

    Peace. Love. LOL!



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