Monday, March 19, 2012

Handling my business & new items for sale!

I've been a busy bee, gathering and sprucing up.  It's actually time to start concentrating on the great outdoors now.  But before I shift my focus, here's what we've been up to at my house:

My new [old] dining room table got refinished.

It went from this guy:

To this guy:

Next, my hallway got stencilled:

We made the stencil.

Levelling all the while for uniformity and handpainting it on the walls.

[this pic reminds me I need to get serious about changing that yellowed thermosat.  Maybe it's the lighting but everything looks tinged more than normal here]

I ordered new curtains for the living room that are currently at the upholsterers' getting a trim added.

We took down the roman shade.

And realized when I changed the paint from little-old-lady blue to minty green, we never painted under the shade!  Bad form ladies…

We also hung the new rod twice.  Yep.  First time, midway between the window trim and the ceiling.  But it was way too hard to get it completely level.  So we decided to raise it higher.

Sorry the pics are so dark, but you can kind of see the difference in colors under the new rod.

So we started leveling.

And drilling.

And then patching holes.

Thank God I have a partner in all this crime!

Next, we put up the sconces I bought at the DC Flea (after we walked the floor with Eddie Ross!)

Up next… tiling the guest bathroom and adding a new pedastal sink and toilet.  Wahoo!

What's on your project plate?


PS - We have some new items for sale under our Tag Sale page!

Two Jiti bolster pillows in grey and white Waverly Quadrangle with orange trim.  
$40 for both.

Small footstool covered in taupe and white French linen $15

Gold-leaf wall adornment $20

If interested, contact


  1. Hi Bethany, what size are the bolsters? Would you be willing to sell just one?


  2. Hi there. The bolsters are 22 inches long by 6 inches wide. I am not dead set on them going as a pair, so sure!


  3. The stenciled wall is gorgeous! Looks like you've been quite busy!


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