Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I'm kind of a mess about lighting....

I am obsessed with lighting. But having a modest budget doesn't get me the ones I covet in magazines, so Im asking for some of your opinions here.  I love so many different kinds of light fixtures, I cannot decide on one for my breakfast room.  This is the mess I feel I am at the moment:

thisiscolossal.com via Nancy on Pinterest

Since I have long wanted to design and fabricate my own lighting, I thought I'd do the artsy thing
and pick up some chandeliers at Habitat for Humanity thinking I'll re-purpose/re-design them, but as Bethany aptly put, it is not the statement I want to make in my breakfast area of the kitchen.  This is THE first thing you see when you come through the door, and will be on display in the picture window from the street, so it has to be THE RIGHT ONE!!!! And, as you know, lighting falls in our 'holy trinity' of ultimate accessories.

First of all, here is my breakfast table area ( devoid of draperies I'm making to flank the window):

These are some lights I am considering:


             painted a color like turquoise or orange?

A lantern?

The Orbital Chandelier?


                                                                         Source: uniquelighting.xolights.com via Nancy on Pinterest

How is it that I have looked at thousands of sites online at lights, and I don't see the perfect one? I don't want a huge shade or structure that will obstruct our view out the window, so it needs to be open and airy, that is at least what Ive decided thus far. Any ideas? You can email me your pictures!!!




  1. Oooh love that gallery of indie chic chandys in the OK spread...so gorgeous and romantic outdoors...fabulous collection! They're all so good!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture.com

  2. HI Julie!I like those the best, too, I THINK....

    I love your blog, and how colorful you are!!! Thanks for visiting!

  3. Lighting fixtures can easily change the mood of the room, I suggest that you use white lights if your in an office.


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