Friday, February 17, 2012

curtain call

Today I need some advice.

I have a large living room window that could use some help.

Right now, there is a custom relaxed Roman shade covering it (see FOR SALE items!).

But I think some light, long puddling curtains might add a bit more drama to the space.  So I bought some inexpensive linen-blend curtains from West Elm.  

Once again, I was hoodwinked.  I always think I have the best idea and then when I start to execute, I realize I have champagne taste on a beer budget.  They just look awfully plain compared to my custom shade.

So two questions.

Do you like them hung from the ceiling or from the wall?

Source: via Laura on Pinterest

To make them look less out-of-a-box and more custom, I thought I might add some trim.

#2 - Is Greek key trim overdone?

Source: via Bethany on Pinterest
Alternatively, I thought about doing a velvet trim in a pattern like this.  The the question there would be - what color velvet?  I ordered some samples and am leaning towards a beige.  Loving the camel, gray and white and celadon theme we've got going.  But I'm tempted to be a rebel and add rust velvet. 



PS - Just had to brag about my cute-so hubster for a second.  He was just looking over my shoulder prodding me to tell the blog-o-sphere how he really decorated our house and I was busy rolling my eyes and typing away about curtains.  Then I remembered what a good soul he is for sitting here during dinner listening to me pontificate on Greek key trim versus velvet and adding an opinion or two between bites.  And always offering an honest opinion and a sound eye during my decor-extravaganzas. And I also remembered how special he made me feel on Valentine's Day by making me feel like I was the only woman who ever crossed his path and putting on the ritz for me. Thanking my lucky stars I found a good one, and one who makes me laugh constantly.


  1. I like them hung from the wall (as high as possible). Although I still like greek key, I think the rust velvet trim would look great!

  2. The curtain call for the show has come. You can get detailed information from the post


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