Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trend Prediction for 2012 : NAVY

I predict 2012 will be full of navy!  Navy is seriously trending as the new neutral.  Navy is also bringing sexy traditional back with a bang incorporating the use of blue and white porcelain in just about everything.

Trend or not, we've always been into navy over here.  It's got so much depth and is a fabulous alternative to black.  As I've mentioned before, black just isn't me.  Navy, however, is.  

You know who's not surprised that navy's trending right now? 

Ralph Lauren.  

Or anyone else who incorporates even a touch of prep in their lines a la the makers of these fine wares below. 

What's your color prediction for 2012?  

And I don't care what Pantone predicts 'cuz let me tell you... I saw a whole lotta "Honeysuckle" going on in 2011…  NOT!


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  1. I agree with you- I seem to see navy everywhere, and consider it the "new" neutral shade. I think we'll see a lot of reds (corals) this year, too.




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