Monday, December 12, 2011

a kitchen for the new year

As I read that title while I typed I remembered, wait-a-minute, I'm supposed to be saving and tackling some unwanted meandering debt in the New Year…  Yep, that's way more important.

But on the off-chance I do that in record speed, and because I know I can't resist a project (or starting lots of little ones and never finishing one to completion…) I bet I'll start finalizing the look for my kitchen in 2012.  I ordered my new pendants from OKL and need to paint the bottom original cabinets a deep navy (the choice is Naval by Sherwin Williams, thanks to a suggestion from the uber-sweet Lauren Leiss).  I have practically new appliances so this should be a relatively inexpensive project (in theory) because all I need to do is purchase new cabinets for the top.  And there is only two larger ones and four smaller ones.  And on the other side of the galley, I'd like to put in some open wood shelving.

Like this:

So I'm thinking I could REALLY lessen the bill if I just purchase some airy glass cabinets from Ikea for the tops…  Any experience out there with the quality and durability of Ikea cabinets?  Doesn't seem like the smarter of ideas, but… it's a money saver. 

 Inspiration pic:

And thanks for Christine for the introduction to Meredith because I think she hit it home with the white upper cabinets!  I am trying to achieve the look, complete with wine storage, next year.

And I'd kill for these lights, but something in the same vein:

And a sassy antique rug. Always love the trimmings…



  1. Loving all these ideas! Those wood open shelves are amazing!

  2. The inspiration photo is amazing...adore the lanterns and the white glass front cabinets with the wine rack...fabulous!!

  3. We had our cabinets custom painted an inky black/dark navy with white uppers. I love it. Grounds the small space while the light upper half keeps it from looking tiny! You can see the progress here:
    It's got a ways to go still!


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