Meet Bethany

Bethany Brower

Bethany is following in her mother's footsteps with a true love for interiors.  A science major from George Mason University, Bethany followed a path of technology to jump start her career.  As a creative outlet, she spent days and nights obsessing over home decor and galavanting around with Nancy until their dreams became more than that.  She's helped to reinvigorate Nancy's design business and channels her creativity into the e-design portion of Powell Brower Interiors.  While her left and right brain struggle between perfection and artsy, she comes up with floor plans, design boards and visual merchandising for the firm.  Bethany and Nancy's lives have been filled with furry feet and snugly companions and believe they make the ultimate accessory.  Bethany serves as Chief Bossypants and adds a touch of sparkle to all ventures.