Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blue and White Porcelains

                                                                               Source: via Nancy on Pinterest

Let me say I am slightly obsessed with Blue and White Porcelains..

I guess it started with the souvenirs my dad brought home from Japan in WWII; I grew up with Asian accents all around our home.  I started my own collection after I got married 36 years ago, and still collect to this day, although admittedly I need to slow down!

You see them in all the magazines and in every style of decor...I also love Navy Blue and White decorating schemes, and will share some lovely interiors, most notably Ralph Lauren's "Le Grand Hotel"collection….    


  A brief history:

Blue-white porcelain originated in the Northern Song Dynasty (960-1127). During the Yuan and Ming dynasties (1271-1644), blue-white porcelain became increasingly popular, and since the 14th century, manufacturers have shipped blue-white porcelain to world markets. The porcelain reached its peak in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911). Its thin, translucent quality and exotic motifs made it very valuable throughout Europe and the colonies, ranking first among blue-white porcelain nationwide.

Drawing the design with a cobalt (blue)pigment onto the stoneware body and painting over it with a transparent glaze creates the blue-white style, also known as "underglazed blue". The piece is then fired at a high temperature.

Blue-white porcelain is most famous among the four traditional types of porcelain produced in Jiangdezhen, and is renowned as the "ever-lasting blue flower."
In 1979 Jiangdezhen blue-white porcelain won a national golden prize and in 1985 it was honored with three gold medals at international fairs held in Leipzig, Brno, etc. 

Although you see many affordable copies today, the original antiques bring quite a price! The highest price for a singular Yuan Dynasty piece, a blue and white porcelain jar,  was over $27 million dollars!  (

Here are some pictures from my collection:

Silkscreen by Nancy Powell

Bethany and I have discovered a fantastic nearby discount source for porcelains direct from China, which will be another field trip, pictures and post so stay tuned!



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